WWE News: Latest update on WWE 2K21

WWE 2K20 was panned by gamers for the glitches inside the game
WWE 2K20 was panned by gamers for the glitches inside the game

The WWE 2K series has been something the fans and gamers have been looking forward to each year. However, the response for WWE 2K20 was anything but great. And now, WWE has announced that the launch of the next edition in the series, WWE 2K21, will not happen.

As reported by Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, during an investors call on Thursday regarding the first quarter earnings, the question was raised about the next installment in the WWE 2K series and WWE's Interim CFO, Frank Riddick responded by saying that there will not be a launch of the new game next year.

Earlier in the month, a former developer on WWE Games had revealed that WWE 2K21 has been canceled and a different type of game could be on its way. However, an update on this was not provided during the investors' call and it remains to be seen if a new one will be released by WWE.

WWE 2K20 was panned by gamers

The WWE 2K series was something gamers and fans were always looking forward to. However, WWE 2K20 was probably one of the worst in the entire gaming series.

WWE 2K20 contained a lot of hilarious glitches that received a lot of backlash from the gamer community and it was rendered 'unplayable'.

Many of the features inside the game like customization of a character's face would often lead to terrifying results. The unhappiness of the fans was visible as #FixWWE2K20 was trending at a point of time after the game's release and many of them had gone ahead and asked for refunds.

Many believe that the last-minute split between 2K and long-time developers of WWE games, Yuke's, was the reason behind the botches inside the game and these are yet to be fixed.

It remains to be seen what course of action will be taken by WWE with regards to a new game.

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