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WWE News: Lead WWE writer Tom Casiello fired from the company

The man responsible for the Women's Revolution has been released

Arrow star, Stephen Amell and Tom Casiello

In what could be seen as a major shake-up to the WWE creative team, managing lead writer Tom Casiello was released by the WWE. According to reports from F4Wonline, Casiello was the man who emphasised on the development of the women’s division. He was regarded as an influential person backstage, who steered the ship and was tasked with the job of leading the SmackDown Live and RAW writing teams.

Casiello initially worked for the company back in 2006 before leaving in 2012. He returned to the WWE in December 2015 and began spearheading the creative teams of RAW and SmackDown. He is a former soap opera writer and is regarded as one of the biggest reasons behind the recent resurgence of the women's division in the WWE.

The decision to kickstart the Women’s Revolution and the subsequent changes that followed because of it – one of which was the retirement of the Divas Championship and the introduction of the Women’s Championship – can be attributed to Casiello.

As of this writing, the reason behind his WWE exit is unknown. Nevertheless, he will be missed by the talents who've benefited from his decisions.

WWE’s move to boot him out could be one the signs of a welcome shift in the way storylines are executed in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. The fans have expressed their displeasure over the mundane storylines that the company has had to offer, and have always demanded simple yet effective wrestling oriented storytelling.

The name of the person who would replace Casiello is still under wraps, but it better be good as Royal Rumble and WrestleMania season is just around the corner.

Here is a rare interview with the now former WWE creative head from 2011 with Emmy award-winning correspondent Martha Byrne:

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