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WWE News: WWE trying to lure LeBron James to appear

WWE has seen a dip in their PPV subscriptions, can an appearance by LeBron James get them back on track.

Will the Undertaker inspire James to appear on WWE Network?

WWE legend, The Undertaker, was present at the Quicken Loans Arena, as the Cavaliers took on New York Knicks, on 25th October at Cleveland, Ohio.

The Dead Man’s appearance at the NBA season opener for the Cavaliers inspired a string of rumours, with sources such as Cageside Seats claiming that WWE is trying to lure in the Star power of Lebron James for one of their upcoming PPVs.

While it has not been established whether the two legends of their respective sports crossed paths. The Phenom, sure caught the limelight, in what was framed as a ‘publicity stunt’ by the Inquisitr.

As per Inquisitr, LeBron is robustly against PR stunts like the one being attempted by the WWE. While this might make James’ appearance on the WWE Network a little far-fetched, it might not be the case once WWE starts hyping up for their Paramount PPV, Wrestlemania.

With Big Show vs. Shaquille O’ Neil already being speculated for Wrestlemania 33, the time might be right for LeBron to make his first appearance on the WWE Network.

LeBron was spotted sporting an Undertaker t-shirt during a training session, in their Championship run. It is indicative of the fact that James is indeed a fan of the Phenom, thus giving fire to the speculation as to why The Undertaker was sent to the Cavaliers game.

James rocking Taker shirt during the championship run

Even though, WWE received harsh criticism for this move. Sports Illustrated claims that it was in fact ‘The Cavs’ who invited WWE legend Undertaker to the game. Furthermore, it was reported by SI that the invitation was initiated by the camp of none other than James himself.

“The Cavs invited WWE to the game and paid for the appearance. As their guests, we were gladly fulfilling their request to meet the team.”

Even though he has never appeared on WWE television, James has a history with the WWE, LeBron got WWE Championship belts for all Miami Heat players, after their title winning season in 2014. The belts were directly shipped by WWE.

While the rumours have not offered us clarity as to who approached whom, LeBron James making an appearance at WWE Network does appear to be a vague possibility.

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