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WWE News: Legends with JBL has been cancelled

JBL says there is one more episode which will be the last of the series.

JBL’s interview show apparently axed.

What’s the news? 

JBL announced via his official Twitter account that “Legends with JBL” has been cancelled by the WWE Network.

In case you didn’t know...

“Legends with JBL” was a sit-down interview series on the WWE Network that ran sporadically on the Network from September 21st, 2015. There were eleven episodes in total, the last of which was aired just this week on Tuesday night, February 7th.

The series began with a two-part interview with Eric Bischoff, chronicling his time running WCW and if he would have done things differently in hindsight. That two-part episode was followed by another two-part interview with a panel featuring Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Steve Austin, celebrating 25 years of The Undertaker in a series titled, “Undertaker’s Greatest Rivals.”  

He would then go on to interview Brian James (Road Dogg) about his time in WWE as a performer, as well as his family – The Armstrongs – and their influence on the wrestling industry. The next episode featured an interview with his good friend and former tag team partner, Ron Simmons.  

He also conducted interviews with the likes of Michael Hayes, Booker T (two-part interview), Sting, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash together, Bruno Sammartino, Alundra Blayze and Stan Hansen.

The heart of the matter

The cancellation just occurred this week. Per JBL’s Twitter, there is one episode in the can that he believes will be the last of the series.

What’s next? 

JBL will be part of the announce team for the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view this Sunday night.

Sportskeeda’s take

The cancellation of this show comes at a really odd time. Not only because the most recent episode just went up on the WWE Network a few days ago but the fact that WWE wants as much original content as they can possibly get for the Network.

JBL was tremendous as the host of this show, and actually asked the legends he was interviewing some really intriguing questions. We would really like to know why this show has been cancelled, but only time will tell.

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