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WWE News: Luke Harper talks about not being part of the Wyatt Family, missed opportunity and more

Luke Harper discusses his dream match at Wrestlemania, being an ex-Wyatt, fan support, his career trajectory and much more.

Luke Harper is one of the most athletic giants in professional wrestling.  (* Credits- WWE.com)

What’s the story?

Luke Harper recently revealed that he does not miss being a part of the Wyatt Family, stating that it was frustrating to be part of the Family as he almost felt like a back-up dancer.

While speaking on the Gorilla Position, Harper gave his thoughts on a multitude of issues including the Wyatt Family, his Wrestlemania dream matchup, performing at Madison Square Garden, growing up as a wrestling fan and his current WWE career trajectory.

In case you didn’t know...

‘The Backwoods Brawler’ Luke Harper (real name- Jon Huber) made his pro-wrestling debut way back in 2001, and broke through into the big leagues after joining forces with Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan to form the original Wyatt Family.

He went on win the WWE Intercontinental championship and most recently lost a close fight to AJ Styles in a number-one contender matchup for the WWE World championship.

The heart of the matter

Harper expressed disappointment at failing to beat AJ Styles and missing his chance to headline ‘Mania. After coming within inches of beating Styles in a fight that could’ve seen him main-event the show of shows, Harper gave his views on being an ex-Wyatt:

"Nope, don't miss it (being a Wyatt) at all. I just did an interview recently where I just talked about how frustrating it was to be in The Family, almost like a 'back-up dancer' for a strong amount of time. Me and Rowan broke out. I broke out with the Intercontinental (Championship), but always in a shadow. For a performer like me that's hard to take and hard to deal with and I thought that the coming out party of the last six weeks was very eye opening and, you know, showed me what was out there."   

On his WrestleMania dream match, Harper said: 

"It would probably be a three-way dance between me, Bruiser Brody, and Terry Funk in a ‘No-Holds-Barred’ (NHB) match and maybe Vince (McMahon) isn't watching. So we can do some real crazy stuff."  

Furthermore, on being probed about the huge pop he received from the WWE Universe during his matchup with Styles, Luke Harper admitted that it felt unbelievable and that the support from the fans was truly humbling. 

What’s next?

Luke Harper is in a weird place right now as we approach the biggest annual show in sports-entertainment this April 2nd. WWE Creative have seemingly written him out of the WWE title picture and any other relevant storylines. His involvement at this year’s ‘Mania remains uncertain.

Author’s take

Although ‘The Backwoods Brawler’ isn’t involved in any relevant storyline as of yet, the most probable scenario for him would be participating in the ‘Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal’ taking place at ‘Mania.

Look for Harper to play a key role in the battle royal and who knows- the bearded powerhouse who was once Bray Wyatt’s Prodigal Son may even go on to win the Battle Royal.

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