WWE News: Mahabali Shera celebrates NXT debut

Mahabali Shera debuts a month after reporting to the Performance Center
Mahabali Shera debuts a month after reporting to the Performance Center
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What's the story?

Former Impact star and new WWE NXT recruit Mahabali Shera recently made his NXT debut during a house show, in what some might consider a quick turnaround for the recently acquired Superstar. Needless to say, however, the Indian wrestler was delighted.

In case you didn't know...

Mahabali Shera was part of the new NXT recruits in the January amongst several other Middle-Eastern Superstars, many of which were the WWE's first ever signing from particular countries like Shadia Bseiso, WWE's first ever female Arab and Nasser Alruwayeh, their first ever Kuwaiti man.

This all seems to be part of WWE's efforts to diversify their roster and push into previously unrepresented markets.

The heart of the matter

Just a month after signing and WWE announcing that Mahabali Shera was reporting to the Performance Center, Shera made his debut at the March 1st, 2018 house show in Florida, Ocala where he wrestled against Dan Matha and emerged victorious with a roll-up victory.

Shera is an experienced wrestler who never quite amounted to anything during his time in Impact, but was prominent due to GFW's attempts to break into India at the time. Finger's crossed he keeps up to his winning ways shown here.

What's next?

Shera already seems to have a lot of interest in him, so there's every chance that if the WWE can play their cards right with him that he could become a big star in the company, especially if he catches on in India like Jinder Mahal did last year during the tour (although Jinder being a heel didn't really help)

Author's take

I look forward to seeing Shera's career develop, as well as the other Middle-Eastern Superstars who were hired earlier this year. I am excited by the diversity that will be on display in the WWE.

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