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WWE News: Maria Kanellis hits back at the fans who call her husband a jobber

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Maria jumped to the defence of her husband in her latest Facebook update
Maria jumped to the defence of her husband in her latest Facebook update

What's the story?

Maria Kanellis recently revealed that she was expecting her first child with her husband Mike Bennett, just a few short months after his struggle with an addiction to painkillers was brought to light. It seems that during her time away from the ring adjusting to pregnancy, Maria has noticed that many fans are calling her husband a 'jobber' and felt the need to set the record straight.

In case you didn't know...

Maria and her husband Mike Bennett made their official debut as a couple back at Money in the Bank in May and even though it was thought that the couple would go on to become SmackDown's new 'It' couple after The Miz and Maryse were switched over to Raw, this never actually happened.

Vince McMahon eased off on the push that was rumoured for Bennett after it was revealed that he had failed to impress the creative team backstage in his first few months with the company. Mike has worked for Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling alongside his wife over the past few years, but this is the first time he has been able to step into a WWE ring.

The heart of the matter

Mike Bennett hasn't been seen on WWE TV now for a number of weeks and it seems that when his wife saw that many of the WWE Universe were now referring to him as a jobber, she felt the need to educate these fans on her husband's history in the wrestling business.

In an open letter that she wrote on her Facebook page, the first lady of SmackDown Live wrote the following:

It seems that Maria has taken exception to some of the things that fans have been writing about her husband on Social Media and using the word "jobber" freely when describing the SmackDown star.

Maria passionately states that she and Mike have been fighting for a number of years together, whilst Mike himself has been fighting for 15 years to prove himself and deserves more respect than being called a jobber by WWE fans.

What's next?

It is unknown where Mike Bennett goes moving forward right now since he isn't part of Survivor Series next weekend. Maria is almost four months pregnant, but as she notes in the message, she will be working on coming back to WWE after her first child is born. Perhaps the "It couple" will be reunited at some point, but for right now Mike needs to work on winning over the WWE Universe as a singles star.


Authors take

Maria and Mike Bennett were seen as big signings for WWE and their debut was a huge shock for the WWE Universe, but they haven't done anything to follow this up since. Mike has been underwhelming in the ring and seems to have failed to set the roster alight as the company predicted he would. ]

Whilst Maria obviously has passion in her words as she talks about the fight she and her husband continue to step up to every day, right now Mike needs to look at becoming a stand out singles star and actions speak much louder than words.

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