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WWE News: Mark Henry in backstage confrontation with WWE Legend, before Royal Rumble 

Riju Dasgupta
7.90K   //    03 Feb 2018, 14:20 IST

This was quite a strange incident indeed
This was quite a strange incident indeed

What's the story?

Jerry Lawler's podcast is an interesting source of amusing incidents and anecdotes. The WWE legend opened up about a recent run-in with Mark Henry, during a recent edition.

The incident stemmed from the fact that Mark Henry felt that Lawler did not really like Peter Rosenberg. Lawler went on to declare that he didn't know the man enough to have an opinion on him.

In case you didn't know...

Jerry Lawler is a professional wrestling legend, who had an interesting second chapter of his career as the voice of WWE's most famous period- The Attitude Era.

Currently, he appears as the guest announcer for a variety of special matches, in addition to serving as a figure on the pre-show panel before pay-per-view events.

Both Jerry Lawler and Peter Rosenberg were part of the pre-show panel that aired on the WWE Network, before the Royal Rumble.

The heart of the matter

Here's the crux of what happened in a nutshell. Jerry Lawler arrived early at the arena, to do the Royal Rumble Kickoff. Mark Henry was the first man who he saw, and Henry confronted Lawler as he sat him down.

Essentially, Mark Henry and Peter Rosenberg are the best of friends. Henry even helped Rosenberg sign to WWE. However, Rosenberg had indicated to Henry, that Jerry Lawler didn't like him.

Lawler cleared the air and said that he had nothing against Rosenberg. If anything, he didn't know the man well enough to dislike him.

He even stood up for Rosenberg when Owens and Zayn went all heel on him, during the Kickoff.

What's next?

Jerry Lawler will continue to remain an integral part of WWE's proceedings. So will Peter Rosenberg. We do not doubt that they'll clear the air, the next time they meet.

Author's take

This is all just a simple misunderstanding. I know it'll be cleared out in due time.

As for Jerry Lawler's podcast, stories like these are what make it such an amusing show!

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