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WWE News: Mark Henry makes a bold statement on Brock Lesnar's schedule

4.51K   //    04 Apr 2019, 22:33 IST

Remember when Lesnar victimised Henry on Raw?
Remember when Lesnar
Henry on Raw?

What's the story?

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. and shared his views on Brock Lesnar's schedule.

Henry cussed out at Lesnar, adding that he's not someone who should be around all the time or he might end up hitting somebody.

In case you didn't know. . .

Brock Lesnar made his long-awaited return to WWE on the Raw after WrestleMania 28. The Beast brought in tons of mainstream coverage with him, thanks to his impressive UFC career.

WWE offered him, quite possibly, the most perk-filled contract in the history of professional wrestling. The contract allows Lesnar to miss multiple Raw episodes in a row, while he defends his title on special PPVs like WrestleMania and Royal Rumble. The last time Lesnar wrestled on Monday Night Raw was way back in 2002, which was during his initial run with the company.

The heart of the matter

Although Lesnar's schedule isn't something that the WWE Universe is too thrilled with, Mark Henry didn't seem to have a problem with it. Henry went on to compare Brock Lesnar's contract with that of The 8th Wonder of the World, Andre The Giant.

The former World Champion explained how Andre wasn't around either. According to Henry, Andre and Lesnar are almost similar with regards to being major attractions that fans flock in to see. Attractions like the aforementioned names need to be protected and not featured on a weekly basis, or it would result in serious damage to their aura.

Henry is making sense here. One of the major reasons why Andre The Giant remained a top draw for years on end was because Vince McMahon went out of his way to protect the Superstar from the public eye.

This helped keep Andre's star power intact, which could be deemed as being one of the reasons why WrestleMania III became such a huge success. Brock Lesnar's case isn't any different.


Henry wasn't all praise for Lesnar though, adding that Lesnar is a guy who can throw profanities at a child, or hit someone as well.

Brock is a bit of a bu****le too. You don't want him around all the time. He's subject to hit somebody or cuss a little kid out. You need to keep him away from people. He's a monster and I would rather the monster only be seen when he's gonna fight for the title.

Ever since Rob Gronkowski retired, the rumor mill has been spinning with the speculation of the NFL star coming to WWE. The WWE Universe last saw "The Gronk" at WrestleMania 33, when he aided his longtime friend Mojo Rawley in winning the Andre The Gant Memorial Battle Royal trophy.

Henry shared his opinion on Rob Gronkowski possibly becoming a WWE Superstar in the near future.

You know I think it would be a good thing. The chance that he might do it – I don't know because I don't know where he is with his time and what he wants to do. I hear that he wants to be a Hollywood star so being a pro wrestling star means he's going to be working a lot more days than he's ever worked in his life.

What's next?

Brock Lesnar is all set to defend his Universal Title against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35, on April 7th.

What are your views on Brock Lesnar's perk-filled contract?