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WWE News: Matt Riddle destroys Goldberg, says he's an old man who can't wrestle

6.24K   //    23 Mar 2017, 10:48 IST
Goldberg draws criticism of his wrestling skills from Matt Riddle 

What’s the story?

Former UFC fighter Matt Riddle has openly gone on record to call out WWE Universal Champion Goldberg. In an interview with Sporting News, Riddle said that Goldberg is an old man who cannot wrestle. Riddle said that he did not deserve the adulation that he was currently receiving.

In case you didn’t know...

Matt Riddle is a prominent name in the world of mixed martial arts and pro-wrestling. He holds the distinction of competing in UFC, Bellator, and several independent wrestling promotions. Dave Meltzer called him the Most Improved Wrestler of 2016.

Riddle also debuted in WCPW in March this year in a losing effort against Cody Rhodes for the WCPW Internet Championship.

The heart of the matter

Matt Riddle went off on how Goldberg could not throw a knee on Rusev earlier last year. Riddle said that Goldberg looked ‘green’ and it seemed as if he would hurt himself inside the ring.

Riddle stated that WCW pushed Goldberg to the moon and he was allowed to beat Hulk Hogan clean in a matter of minutes. He went on to say that Goldberg’s matches lasted for a few minutes because he did not have the skills to take it any further. Riddle also accused Goldberg of ending Bret Hart’s career with a stiff kick to the face.

“If he works more than one minute, it could Botchamania, you know? Even with one minute, it's Botchamania almost. Let's be honest, if we get more than a one minute match from Bill Goldberg, it's gonna suck. So, I hope he only wrestles for one minute whether he wins or loses, whatever.” 

Riddle also spoke about his dream of wanting to wrestle Brock Lesnar. Riddle pointed out that a match between him and Lesnar would test the abilities of both men. He asserted that he would enjoy Lesnar kicking him hard and would retaliate with some shots of his own.

Riddle acknowledged the fact that he was already on the WWE radar. He recalled the time when WWE had approved of him after his tryouts and then strung him around for a few months. He said that it was all a test to judge his mental fortitude.

What’s next?

Goldberg will go on to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando to cap off what will be the last match in the trilogy of clashes between these two behemoths. Now with the WWE Universal Championship in question, the match involves even greater stakes and has surpassed the moniker of ‘Fantasy Warfare’ that it was first built upon.


Author's take

Riddle has highlighted some of the dents in Goldberg’s armour. Bill Goldberg is not the most technically sound wrestler around. But the biggest fact about Goldberg is that he is a star attraction around the globe and will manage to sell out arenas anywhere in the world.

Moreover, it is a known fact that Wrestlemania is always targeted towards a broader audience demographic, a large section of which are casual fans who would love to see Goldberg take on Brock Lesnar.

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