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WWE News: Matt Sydal's profile removed from NJPW

Rohit Nath
5.65K   //    18 Oct 2016, 16:03 IST
Is the high flyer done with Japan?

It looks like Matt Sydal, formerly Evan Bourne, is done with New Japan Pro Wrestling, as his profile has been removed from New Japan Pro Wrestling’s website.

Previously, around the time of the show Destruction In Kobe, Sydal no-showed, and he was reported missing for quite a few days. He had, however, tweeted out that he was in Hawaii and that there were some passport  issues and that was why he did not show up. 

However, a lot of things did not seem to add up, and it was reported very recently that Sydal was arrested in the Osaka airport customs on the charge of importing marijuana.

The fact of the matter is, it wasn’t that much. It was 2.12 grammes of liquid marijuana that was inside his E-cigarette. He has gotten in troubles with the past with regards to marijuana when he consumed synthetic marijuana in WWE which led to him getting suspended.

Consuming marijuana itself is ground for a fine in WWE, but the synthetic variant of the substance is clearly a strict no for them.

It will be interesting to see if Sydal manages to even land any gigs in Japan. They generally do not have a reputation for tolerating drug possession among their talents. Also if New Japan does happen to have any say on the matter, it may very well affect him wrestling with Ring Of Honor as well.

He was supposed to be partnering up with Ricochet but due to the no-show, he was replaced by David Finlay.  

It is a shame that it had to happen because Sydal is a great talent and has huge potential. It is questionable as to whether WWE would even let him back, given that he was released due to these issues, and he has seemingly only doubled down since then. He has also been in Japan for barely over a year.

The incident in Osaka is reportedly quite a rare one, as liquid marijuana itself is quite rare in Japan, and Sydal’s arrest was the first one seen in the Osaka airport for liquid marijuana. 

Sydal stated that trouble at home was the reason he started smoking marijuana. He even said “At a store, I was advised to start smoking due to the resulting high, and I continued so that my body would feel more agile.”

We have to wait and see what the future holds for the talented Matt Sydal.

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