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WWE News: Mauro Ranallo claims MMA legend saved his life 

  • Mamma mia! This was a harrowing experience for the WWE commentator.
Riju Dasgupta
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 14:38 IST

The lead play-by-play announcer of NXT was thankful to Shamrock!
The lead play-by-play announcer of NXT was quite thankful to Shamrock!

What's the story?

WWE NXT play-by-play announcer Mauro Ranallo recently posted a scary Tweet. It seems that MMA legend Frank Shamrock saved Ranallo from a situation that could have gone south, not long ago.

Mauro Ranallo seemed genuinely grateful that Shamrock could save his life by applying the Heimlich manoeuvre on him. He urged everyone in his social media circle to learn the same.

In case you didn't know...

In the year 1974, a legendary medical professional named Dr. Henry Heimlich described a procedure called 'The Heimlich Maneuver'. The same could be used to clear obstructions in one's windpipe.

The manoeuvre is rather simple, and all it involves is putting pressure on the person's diaphragm. This compresses the lungs and expels the food that is causing the obstruction in someone's upper airway. Many lives have been saved as the result of the same.

The heart of the matter

Ranallo is very active on social media, and we're constantly made aware of his activities through the same. From the looks of it, he had quite a close shave, having choked on a piece of salmon.

Shamrock has been a long time friend of Mauro Ranallo, and he promptly came to his rescue. Judging by his recent social media activity, Ranallo seems quite thankful to his long-time buddy. Thank you for saving the best voice in wrestling commentary, Mr. Shamrock!

What's next?

We have a feeling that Mauro Ranallo will be avoiding salmon for a while, going forward. As for his duties on NXT, we're sure he'll be performing them as diligently as he always has been, thus far. He really is a critical component of the whole show!

Author's take

I'm a huge fan of Mauro Ranallo's commentary. Especially today when the NXT product is not nearly as exciting as it once was, he just enhances the TV show to no end!


I think him and Nigel McGuiness are quite a wrestling commentary dream team.

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Published 15 Jan 2018, 11:29 IST
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