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WWE News: Michael Cole on working with Nigel McGuinness, the three-man announce team, and Corey Graves

Michael Cole says he likes the three-man commentary system.

Cole likes being a part of the three-man commentating team

Veteran WWE commentator Michael Cole participated in an interview with ESPN, where he discussed WWE's inaugural UK Tournament. 

At the press conference for the UK Tourney held at London's O2 Arena, Cole revealed ROH veteran Nigel McGuinness as the second-half of the commentating team for the tournament. Cole shared his thoughts on getting the opportunity to work with McGuinness.

Cole said that after the completion of the tournament, McGuiness, will work on a full-time basis, but his future role remains unconfirmed. 

“I cannot wait. I’ve been trying to get Nigel here for a long time. And this just worked out to be the perfect venue to bring him aboard.”

Continuing on the topic of McGuiness, Cole added that because Nigel wrestled almost every wrestler in the tournament roster, he'll be able to bring in unique stories featuring the talent. 

Upon being asked about his thoughts on the three-man commentary system implemented by the WWE, Cole replied that he loves working in a three-man commentary team.

He acknowledged the criticism received for the three-man commentary system but says it allows him to give an unbiased play-by-play, thus allowing his co-commentators Byron Saxton and Corey Graves, to share their individual views. 

“They can go back and forth and debate and argue with each other while I can just do what I do, which is call a match and tell stories.”

Cole added that in the case of a two-man commentary team, it either came down to him playing the good guy or the bad guy. 

“It’s tough that way, but just having that straight play-by-play guy to tell your stories, be unbiased, and have your two guys playing off each other, it’s perfect.”

Pro-Wrestler turned commentator Corey Graves received a lot of praise from Michael Cole. Graves, who turned to commentary after sustaining several injuries, made waves among the WWE Universe, after his stellar work as a commentator. Graves got called-up to the main roster during the WWE Draft.

He now handles commentary for NXT, RAW, and 205 LIVE. 

“We knew he was gonna be good, I just didn’t know he was gonna be this good, this fast. We gave him a chance and he really worked hard at it. He put a lot of time in at the Performance Center, and hours and hours of work.”

Cole predicts Graves to be the next JBL or Jerry Lawler. 

“He’s the new guy, he’s the new heel. He’s the next JBL, the next Jerry Lawler. He’s got a unique presence, he’s got sarcasm and he’s got wit”

WWE will be holding the inaugural UK Tournament for the United Kingdom Championship, at the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, England on the 14th and 15th of January. The tournament will be aired live on the WWE Network.

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