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WWE News: Mick Foley sounds confident of a WWE return

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How soon will it be before Foley's back?

What's the story?

There are some people who we just can't get enough of seeing on WWE television and Mick Foley is one of them. Whether you know him as Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love, or Mrs Foley's Baby Boy, the WWE Hall Of Famer is a beloved figure in sports entertainment that WWE could certainly benefit from having around.

Foley recently spoke to The Sporting News where he discussed the possibility of making a WWE return and it sounds rather positive.

In case you didn't know...

Mick Foley has put his body through a lot of abuse in his career. He recently had knee replacement surgery and has the sick scars to prove it but there's no doubt he would be welcomed back in WWE as soon as he's ready to make a return.

The heart of the matter

Hopefully, Mick Foley realizes how much he really means to his fans and when he spoke to The Sporting News he discussed working with Stephanie McMahon and how much she meant to him especially considering the amazing forward she wrote for his newest book.

In the end, there's no giving up hope for the Mickster because he certainly sees a WWE return in his future.

"It was pretty agonizing just getting to and from the shows but once I was there, I felt like I made a contribution. I really enjoyed working with Stephanie. I'm deeply indebted to her for a really beautiful foreword for my book and I hope I get the chance to interact with her some more when I eventually return in some shape because, eventually, we all return."

What's next

Mick Foley said "we all return" which might not be true for everyone, but it's certainly a plausible mindset for some as valuable as him. Hopefully, when he does make his WWE return his body won't give him so much trouble so he can truly enjoy the experience without the additional physical agony.

Author's take

I find it curious that as we approach the Road To WrestleMania we're discussing who could replace Kurt Angle as Raw General Manager. Foley would be a great choice, and after he's gotten himself fixed up he might even be able to do more.

I'm not saying he should work a match because he deserves to be retired and enjoy all of his body parts in the best condition he can have them. But I wouldn't be opposed to seeing the Hardcore Legend make some kind of return.


After all, with a new knee, he could certainly get down and count a pinfall as a special referee down the line because anything's possible in WWE.

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