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WWE News: Mick Foley talks hip surgery, not having medical insurance, his deal with WWE and more

'The Hardcore Legend' confirmed that he will be back on Raw very soon.

Foley wants to assess his options before paying for the surgery from his own pocket

Of late, there has been a lot of speculation around Mick Foley’s absence from WWE television because of a hip surgery. The Raw general manager took to Facebook recently to clarify a few things about his current situation and also speak about his role as part of the red brand.

While claiming that he indeed required a hip replacement surgery and wanted to get it done early in 2017, Foley revealed that he does not have health insurance anymore. He said that he is trying to get an insurance going by 2017 but isn’t sure if the insurer would agree to endorse a hip replacement which should have been done much earlier.

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This is what ‘The Hardcore Legend’ had to say about the issue:

“I have definitely mentioned that I needed a hip replacement, definitely mentioned that I intended to get one sometime early in 2017, but never actually set a date. I have this little tiny problem in that I don't actually have health insurance. I had health insurance for 26 years, but the last four years have been tough – with companies sending out letters telling me they will no longer be insuring families, and that I needed to find alternate insurance.

By 2016 health insurance was particularly confusing, and after missing one payment, I found myself no longer insured. I am doing my best to be insured in 2017, but nothing is guaranteed, and I have no idea how this new insurance company will feel about replacing a hip that clearly should've been replaced many years ago.”

On why he has to arrange for his own health insurance despite being general manager of Raw, he said that he does not have a contract with the WWE and is only working as long as he is happy to do what he is doing. According to Foley, he doesn’t want to pay for the operation straight out of his pocket because it would cost him a whopping $60,000 and so he wanted to check out his options. He said:

“For those wondering why the general manager of Raw needs to procure his own health insurance: well, I'm on a handshake deal. I do the job as long as I enjoy it and feel like I am making a difference, and I do it as long as WWE is happy with me and thinks I'm the best person for the role. No contract involved at all, except for the legends deal, which is strictly about merchandise.”

The 3-time WWF champion added:

“For those wondering why I just don't pay out-of-pocket, well it's a $60,000 operation, and I am going to look at some other options before I shell out 60K for an operation. Maybe I will concentrate on landing a couple of TV or film roles and get the far superior AFTRA insurance to take care of the operation. I probably should not be talking about it at all – but the word is out there, and I feel like I owe people an explanation.”

Mick Foley also mentioned that although he was not seen on this week’s Raw, he will return for every episode as long as the WWE requires him to be there. However, even if they part ways with him in the future, he will be grateful to them for giving him the opportunity to make a difference.

“I missed Monday's raw. I should be back for almost every episode until that moment comes when/if the company decides to go in a different direction. If they do, I will simply be grateful for every single day I had a chance to go out and try to make a difference. Some nights I was more successful than others,” Foley wrote on his Facebook page.

He continued, “But deep down I think the superstars in the back know I was doing my best to look out for them - and they know that has not always the case when it comes to the people who fill these roles.”

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