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WWE News: Mike Kanellis responds to fan criticism on Twitter

Harald Math
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Mike and Maria Kanellis recently arrived in WWE.
Mike and Maria Kanellis recently arrived in WWE.

What's the story?

Suffice to say, Mike Kanellis hasn't exactly set the world alight since arriving in WWE. Any initial momentum the former Mike Bennett may have had has since dissipated, and fans have been quick to criticise the former TNA X Division Champion on social media.

Kanellis has been quick to respond to the criticism, however, as one would expect.

In case you didn't know...

Mike Kanellis made his WWE debut at WWE Money in the Bank back in May, alongside his wife, Maria. The married couple soon became embroiled in a feud with Sami Zayn, with the two combatants exchanging victories on TV and pay-per-view.

It has been rumoured that WWE has already given up on Kanellis, and his recent position as tag team partner of Aiden English doesn't fill fans with much in the way of optimism.

The heart of the matter

Kanellis has received much in the way of criticism on social media, with most critics referring to Kanellis as little more than a jobber. One such fan asked Kanellis whether he appreciated WWE turning him into a 'jobber', and Kanellis was quick to respond.

The sarcastic tone of Kanellis' response is in tune with both his heel character on screen and online personality. It is also indicative of the impatience of wrestling fans, many of whom only look at the victors when judging professional wrestling.

Fans seem to think that winning is everything, oblivious to the importance of talent up and down the card. As Kanellis says in the tweet above, he is working a job that millions of people dream of doing. He is doing just fine.

What's next?

Kanellis is still in the early stages of his WWE career, so making a sweeping judgment of his place on the card is ridiculous at this point. Kanellis has wrestled just two singles matches in WWE, both of which were against Sami Zayn, and there is plenty to come from the former ROH Tag Team Champion.

Author's take

The disdain that some WWE fans show towards those who consistently pick up losses in pro wrestling is ridiculous, and it is even more ridiculous when the 'jobber' in question has only lost a single match. Expecting Mike Bennett to come into WWE and find himself on top of the world immediately was naive at best.

Kanellis is now doing what he loves doing on the biggest stage he could possibly do it on, and doing so with his supermodel wife by his side. I'm sure he isn't too upset about any of this.

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