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From The WWE Rumor Mill: More updates on Neville incident

Daniel Wood
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Neville may have just kicked off a mass exodus!
Neville may have just kicked off a mass exodus!

What's the story?

Following the reports of Neville walking out of Raw and asking for his WWE release, Joe Lanza, from the Voices of Wrestling podcast, has sensationally suggested that there are more Superstars in the WWE who want to be released, and that they are going to Cody Rhodes for help indoing so.

In case you didn't know...

Neville was supposed to be at the October 9th edition of Raw, but either didn't turn up at all, or walked out during the taping, with many reports also agreeing that he had also asked for his WWE release.

At this point the reasons are unclear, but the popular theories are that Neville was unhappy with his perceived lack of a push, did not want to job to Enzo Amore in the Lumberjack match that Kallisto ended up winning the title during, and like Austin Aries, who also requested his release, was unhappy with their Wrestlemania match not making it onto the DVD because of loss of revenue.

The heart of the matter

Towards the beginning of the VOW podcast Joe Lanza was discussing the situation surrounding the firing of Jimmy Jacobs and moved onto Cody Rhodes and how he was doing after leaving the WWE.

Lanza then suggested that Rhodes was doing so well that current WWE Superstars were asking him how to leave the company.

“He doesn’t have any plans on going back to the WWE any time soon. There’s wrestlers in the WWE going to him, getting advice on their own exit plans from the company. I know this for a fact. I can’t give you the names, but there’s wrestlers who go to him for advice on how to leave the company.”

What's next?

Lanza was adamant that he knows for a fact there are some current Superstars, that he wouldn't name, who are thinking about requesting their release.

If this is true it could mean that the WWE is close to some sort of mass exodus.

Author's take

I'm not at all surprised there are Superstars currently within the WWE who are looking at the success of people like Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre before he returned and even Juice Robinson (CJ Parker) who all left the company and thought it might be a good idea.

The WWE is literally full to the brim with talent, meaning that Some superstars who should be or could be main eventing simply won't make it because it's too crowded. It certainly doesn't help that one of their main champions is barely on television though.

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