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WWE News: Mustafa Ali goes off on Twitter rant against Mecha Wolf

Elliott Binks
5.86K   //    04 Aug 2017, 21:44 IST

Mustafa A
Mustafa Ali vs. John Yurnet on 205 Live

What’s the story?

Popcorn at the ready, folks. 205 Live’s Mustafa Ali has totally let loose with a flurry of less-than-favourable Tweets aimed directly at indie wrestler the Mecha Wolf—formerly known as Mr. 450. Here are a few of his Tweets:

In case you didn’t know…

Ali and Mecha Wolf have history, having wrestled one another on a throwaway episode of 205 Live from December 2016. That match that saw Mecha Wolf, wrestling under his real name of John Yurnet, seemingly blow out his knee. However, it later became apparent that Yurnet was already injured heading into the match. That explained WWE’s reluctance pay Yurnet’s medical bills, while it also became one of the many bases for Ali’s recent Twitter tirade...

Going in depth

Ali’s rant began after he mentioned in passing the possibility of bringing back a move he used to do—a move that was then stolen by someone he thinks very lowly of (spoilers: that someone was a certain Mr Yurnet). Yurnet then replied by calling Ali a coward for not tagging him directly in the Tweet, which was apparently all the provocation Ali needed to really start dishing out the dirt.

Ali took a number of jabs at Yurnet, including dubbing him the less-than-catchy “Jon Snow wolf pirate guy” and criticising his 450—or rather, 425—splash. He then went on to make some rather less flippant claims, including references of Yurnet allegedly “choking women, faking injuries & backstabbing friends”.

Twitter reaction

As you might expect, fans on Twitter haven’t been the slightest bit shy about weighing in on this one. Some have called out Ali for his negativity, other have backed up his allegations, but WWE's own Cedric Alexander probably swoops the prize for the best response of all.

Author’s take

Depending on your outlook, this was either an unprofessional outburst on Ali’s part or a case of Yurnet being called out in precisely the way he deserved. Realistically, it was probably a combination of the two.

Either way, it’s unlikely to amount to very much. It’s difficult to see WWE disciplining Ali for throwing shade on a guy who wrongfully claimed to have been injured on the company’s own books. And on the other side of the equation, there doesn’t seem to be a lot that Yurnet can do other than suck it up, send some Tweets of his own, before ultimately hitting that block button.

Move along, fellas, nothing to see here.

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