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WWE News: Neville on why he is the ‘King of the Cruiserweights’, talks his thoughts on Rich Swann

Neville claimed he has no personal differences with Rich Swann.

Neville has undergone a complete change in attitude since joining the Cruiserweight division

What’s the story?

In a recent interview with New Orleans-based website, Nola.com, 205 Live superstar Neville revealed why he calls himself the ‘King of the Cruiserweights’ and what he feels about current WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann.

In case you didn’t know…

After a near 2-month long absence from wrestling action, Neville made a return at the Roadblock: End Of The Line pay-per-view. Although he made it appear that he had come to congratulate Rich Swann for successfully defending his title in a triple threat match against T.J. Perkins and Brian Kendrick, the former NXT champion proceeded to attack Swann and Perkins.

Since then, the English wrestler has not spared any opportunity to lay his hands on the Cruiserweight champion while proclaiming himself as the ‘King of the Cruiserweights’. ‘The Outlandish’, though, did extract some revenge by attacking Neville on the latest episode of Raw in an effort to prevent him to destroying Lince Dorado.

The heart of the matter

While speaking to Nola.com, Neville asserted that he is undeniably the king of the new cruiserweight division and he actually means it when he says it. He claimed that anyone who watches the 205 Live show can make out that he is a level above all the other cruiserweights in the WWE. Here’s what the 30-year old had to say:

“King of the Cruiserweights is not just something I say. Let me be straight. I am the king. You can see that. It's undeniable. You watch the show and you can tell, I'm a league above the rest of the cruiserweights. I want that to be known. This isn't just a label. This is a fact. I am the king.”

‘The Red Arrow’ also said that he has known Rich Swann for quite a while and he has no personal vendetta against him. The fact that he is targeting Swann is only because he happens to be the champion of the Cruiserweight division that he is looking to dominate at present. Neville was quoted as saying this about his fellow superstar:

“I've known Rich Swann for a long time. But this is nothing personal. He just so happened to be the cruiserweight champion at the time when the King of the Cruiserweights appeared. I'm here to dominate the whole division. I'm here to destroy, obliterate everybody. Rich Swann just so happens to be the person on top of the tree.”

What next?

Neville will be getting his opportunity to place himself on the top spot in the cruiserweight division when he takes on Rich Swann for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at the upcoming Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Although acknowledging Neville as ‘King of the Cruiserweights’ would mean undermining the talent of the other superstars in the division, he certainly has all the wherewithal to become the most dominant force within the 205 Live roster.

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