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WWE News: Survivor Series dream match announced for The Shield

The Hounds will face the Unicorns at Survivor Series

And it's official!

Roman Reigns returned on this week's Raw as the Shield interrupted Stephanie's promo and went down to the ring. The Trio went on to endorse Raw General Manager Kurt Angle as a great leader and then addressed the issue of how they had lost the Tag Team Titles last week to The Bar.

The New Day had come out during the Raw Tag Team Title match in the previous week. Sheamus and Cesaro had taken advantage of the distraction and defeated Seth and Dean to become the new Raw Tag Team Champions.

Seth and Dean blamed the distraction caused by New Day for losing the titles and decided that the time had come to address the problem. It had all reached boiling point as Roman Reigns expectedly challenged the New Day to a match at Survivor Series.

The Survivor Series match between the two would be one of the many matches taking place between SmackDown Live and Raw to decide the 'A' show of WWE.

Big E did not wait too long to accept the challenge on behalf of the New Day. He took to Twitter and accepted the Shield's Challenge for a match at Survivor Series. 

In the acceptance, he said 'suffering succotash' referring to one of Roman's more infamous promos in WWE. He went on to ask that the protective vests of the Shield be disallowed for the match as he felt they provide the Shield with an unfair advantage. 

The match is now set for the Shield to take on The New Day in a Six Man Tag Team match at Survivor Series.

The Shield will represent Raw as they will look to gain back a measure of revenge on the New Day for the part they played in Seth and Dean losing their Tag Team Titles in the previous week.

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