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WWE News: Nikki Bella talks about her career-shortening injury

Nikki Bella opened up about her neck injury.

Former two-time WWE Divas Champion, Nikki Bella

What’s the story? 

According to a story on wrestlinginc.com, Nikki Bella recently opened up to James Delow, the host of the “Gorilla Position” podcast, about the neck injury that almost ended her career.

In case you didn’t know...

The interview was filmed for a documentary on the women of WWE, titled, Smashing Glass Ceilings: The Women of WWE. The documentary was filmed for British public broadcasting station, Channel 4.  

The heart of the matter

When asked about trying to avoid neck surgery, here’s what Nikki said: 

"When your legs and feet start to go numb, you just started to realise, like, 'Okay, something’s happening.' I was out for so long because we were trying so much to avoid surgery, even though every surgeon was like 'You can't avoid this, nothing is going to fix this,' but I still had hope like 'No, I'll do this or I'll do that, this all should help,' but none of it did.”

She said that finding out that she may never be able to wrestle again was the worst part of the whole injury.  She stated that she refused to accept that. 

When asked how she felt to get back into the ring, she said that she was very grateful to be back in the ring and that each time she gets into a wrestling ring it’s a blessing. She thinks her new outlook has contributed to her increased positive attitude and ability to be a good babyface, stating that because every time she walks out she thinks, “Yay! I can actually do this.” 

Nikki also talked about what she would have done if the initial surgery hadn’t worked. The interview with Nikki starts around the hour and ten-minute mark

What’s next?

Nikki Bella will face Natalya on the February 21st episode of SmackDown Live in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Sportskeeda’s take

We’re glad that Nikki has come back to WWE, but the rumours about her experiencing tingling in her extremities are rather worrisome. Nikki is one of the hardest working women on the roster, in that she always wants to figure out ways to improve herself in the ring and she tries as hard as she possibly can.  

We admire her for the determination it took to get through the neck surgery she spoke of and hope that she has continued health as time goes on.

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