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WWE News: Nikki Bella vs Carmella to have a stipulation at No Mercy?

Carmella vs Nikki Bella may have an extreme stipulation.

Carmella and Nikki Bella have been feuding since after Summerslam

The women’s division on Smackdown Live has been booked almost to perfection. Many felt that Smackdown Live were robbed and had a much more shallow roster than Raw did, but Smackdown Live have proven that booking is everything. 

They soon realized that Carmella wasn’t getting any reactions, while Nikki Bella was extremely over as a babyface and they decided to run with it making Nikki a babyface and turning Carmella heel. Every single week post-Summerslam, Carmella and Nikki Bella have been going at it with each other, with Carmella doing the main provocation and initiation of the fighting. They’ve told a great story of Carmella’s vendetta and jealousy against Nikki and the best part is that they’re yet to face each other in a singles match.

This would be good as a long-term story told between them with the build-up to a singles match at No Mercy on October 9th. They have two more episodes of Smackdown Live before No Mercy graces WWE TV. In the women’s division, the main match is going to be Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss for the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

On this week's Talking SmackSmackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan hinted at making a Carmella vs Nikki Bella No Disqualification match at No Mercy. He did say that it wasn’t official, and there would definitely be hoops to jump through to make it happen.

If this does happen, it will be an extremely interesting match-up. Carmella has been criticized for not being ready for the main roster call-up unlike her fellow NXT call-up Alexa Bliss. However, it must be noted that Carmella is still finding her footing on the main roster. But as a whole, she has done very well in her role as a heel. Even on Talking Smack, she had a chance to expand on her heel persona when she explained why she decided to attack Nikki Bella and why she has a grudge against her.

She said that at Summerslam - which took place at Carmella’s hometown of New York City, Nikki Bella made her triumphant return and she felt that Nikki was trying to steal her fire. Carmella cemented her heel turn two night later by attacking Nikki Bella before their match when Nikki was cutting a babyface return promo She went on to attack her viciously once again on Talking Smack. Either way, the brand split has created a rekindled interest in each female performer, and it is up to them to carry the ball that was given to them.

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