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WWE News: No Way Jose reveals which wrestlers inspired him, talks about representing his country

Jose claimed he is trying to represent the Latinos as a whole in the WWE.

News 25 Feb 2017, 21:01 IST
No Way Jose has enjoyed a lot of popularity among the fans

What’s the story?

In a recent interview with ESPN, NXT superstar No Way Jose spoke about which wrestlers inspired him to join the business and representing his country in the world of pro-wrestling.

In case you didn’t know…

Jose, whose real name is Levis Valenzuela Jr, entered the pro-wrestling industry only in 2013 and wrestled primarily in the independent circuit during his pre-WWE days. Performing under the ring name Manny Garcia, he worked for a number of promotions including CWF Mid-Atlantic, Fire Star Pro Wrestling and OMEGA Championship Wrestling. He signed up with the WWE in April 2015 and made his televised NXT debut only a year later.

The heart of the matter

Speaking about the wrestlers he grew up watching, No Way Jose named Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock as two superstars who inspired him. He also talked about his fellow countryman Jack Veneno and how he is a hero of the Dominican Republic. Here’s what the superstar was quoted as saying:

“It's something that when you grow up, you know, I started watching The Rock and Stone Cold. Valenzuela people, in my family and from my generation, [went] back and watched people from the island [like] Jack Veneno.

He's there and he is one of the heroes, the hero of DR. It's cool trying to get in there and get lost in the world that is wrestling. I wanted to be part of that, and here I am.”

Jose also said that he is now representing his country and the love and support he has been receiving from people back there needs to be seen to be believed. He added that he is also representing the entire Latino community in the WWE and is enjoying doing so. The 28-year old stated:

“It's cool to get into this from what I grew up watching, but now I'm representing a country. You have to go back and actually see everything that's going on in there. It's cool to see the support and the love I'm getting representing the Dominican Republic. I'm out here trying to represent the Latinos as a whole, you know, and having fun doing it.”

What next?

No Way Jose has been involved in an ongoing feud against ‘heel’ stable Sanity as he has continuously come to the aid of superstars being attacked by them. However, there could possibly be bigger things in store for him in the day to come.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Jose’s flamboyant style has helped him earn a lot of popularity among WWE fans and better opportunities would only ensure more success for him in the future. He could be Alberto Del Rio’s replacement for the WWE – the superstar WWE requires in catering to the Hispanic fan base. He may not have the conventional look, but he makes up for it with his infectious charisma.

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