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WWE News: NWA Legend Bobby Fulton Says He Would Do Better With WWE Raw If He Had 'Vince's Billions'

Former champion makes bold claim about running WWE better than Vince McMahon

The Fantastics
The Fantastics – Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers

What’s the story? 

Tag Team legend and former NWA United States Tag Team Champion Bobby Fulton was the latest guest on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show, and he had much to say about his 40-year career as a professional wrestler. Fulton expressed the importance of kayfabe staying alive in professional wrestling, but how there has been a disconnect in the televised product we see today. As a independent wrestling promoter, Fulton has shows throughout the Midwest, and features WWE Hall of Fame talent. 

Fulton was sure to express on the show that he would be doing much better than Vince McMahon with his product if he had the same kind of money. 

“There's a disconnect, and there's no connection... I know Vince and them are big time, over-the-top, and this-and-that, but I guarantee you one thing right now, if I had his billions, I'd be a lot further down the road than where he's at, and a lot more people would be watching my TV program on Monday Nights.”

In case you didn’t know... 

Bobby Fulton has been in the professional wrestling business for 40 years. While competing for World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW), as well as the Continental Wrestling Association (CWA) and a host of other promotions, Fulton made his name working for Jim Crockett Promotions in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) alongside Tommy Rogers as The Fantastics, and would become the NWA United States Tag Team Champions. The team would also win the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Feud of the Year in 1988, with their rivals the Midnight Express. 

The heart of the matter 

While Fulton may have wishful thinking regarding his claim, he makes some very accurate points regarding how far pro wrestling has become from the days of old, and most would say in a negative direction. Even the concept of Heroes vs. Villains is a lost element, as expressed by Fulton.

“You can watch just about every Monday Night Raw and not see people [stomping, cheering, and booing]. It's just like any major sport. [WWE] forgot the backbone. And the backbone is the fans for us in professional wrestling. It all looks plastic to me. It all looks manufactured, and the passion is not in it. I tell everybody that when you don't have passion, then you're just going through the motions. The people's emotions are everything.”

Sportskeeda’s take 

It is always a breath of fresh air to hear how the traditional version of professional wrestling enjoyed by much of the audience is still alive. With Fulton currently being a wrestling promoter, it is good to know that he is still involved in the sport that he loves, and is making a good living. As Fulton stated, there is a disconnect with not only the characters, but also the wardrobe, which takes away the investment that fans have in characters instead of matches. While it may be a long shot, hopefully there will be at least glimpses of what fans grew up watching in the 80s and early 90s. 

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