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WWE News: NXT stars have epic Halloween costume match

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They had a

They had a ton of fun in Sanford

What's the story?

The NXT roster has a lot of fun while they live their dream on the way to capturing their true goal in becoming WWE Superstars.

But while they're in WWE's developmental territory they get to have as good of a time as possible. The crowd in Sanford got a real treat when the women of NXT participated in an over-the-top outlandish battle royal with a Halloween theme complete with full costumes.

In case you didn't know...

Pro wrestling has always been known for their spectacular costuming which enhances characters takes fans on a great journey.

But the fans at Stanford really got this amazing pro wrestling element taken to another level on Friday night.

The heart of the matter

The Sanford crowd was treated to a Women's Halloween Battle Royal match featuring the women of NXT in a way they've never seen them before. Each female dressed in a costume fit for any great Halloween costume contest and it was a real sight to behold.

Some of the highlights were Shayna Baszler dressed up in a Darth Vader looking costume and Nikki Cross' spot on resemblance to No Way Jose.

It's nice to see Cross was able to drop her crazy demeanour for a moment in order to take part in the celebration of Halloween with the rest of the NXT women's roster. 

What's next?

As NXT grows in popularity it will surely see the rise of at least a handful of these outstanding sports entertainers. They're all at the WWE Performance Center for a reason as each one are crafted into the perfect conceptual idea of what a WWE Superstar is supposed to be. But Friday night was a different kind of night for them and it was cool to see it go down.

Author's take

These women are having a ton of fun which is evident by this kind of display. Their closeness is also apparent as well. While they might be competing against each other in the ring, they are all essentially classmates in WWE's graduate school of pro wrestling.

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