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WWE News: NXT viewership reportedly down quite a bit

The Yellow brand is not drawing the way it used to.

The hottest brand in pro wrestling no more?

NXT is in an odd spot at the moment. There were quite a few call-ups after WrestleMania season. However, during the draft, six prominent NXT superstars got the call-up and NXT were practically robbed of a lot of their top male and female superstars who were set to get pushed to carry the NXT brand going forward. 

NXT is now going through a reconstruction phase. The women’s division is filled with up and coming, but green talent, minus Asuka, who is the seasoned veteran leading the division. Ember Moon is on the heels. She is a unique talent who is anything but green in the ring. Ember looks to be positioned as the next big babyface in NXT who will finally dethrone Asuka, and possibly become the face of the NXT Women’s division. 

The male division was raided too, but luckily they still have veteran names such as Samoa Joe, Hideo Itami, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura to help carry the brand. However, it is possible that the time is ticking on Samoa Joe’s time at NXT, and we may see him on the main roster as early as November, post-Survivor Series. Even Nakamura will get a call-up in only a matter of time. 

This current phase of NXT has not been drawing too well on the WWE Network. While NXT was constantly the most watched show on the Network, it looks like that is not the case anymore.

According to the  Wrestling Observer Newsletter, these were the top 10 most viewed shows on the Video On Demand version of the WWE Network:

1. Clash of Champions

2. Ride Along (Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton plus Ric Flair & Charlotte)

3. Clash of Champions Kickoff

4. Table for 3 (Big Show, Kane Mark Henry)

5. Legends with JBL (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall)

6. Clash of Champions (German language)

7. Backlash

8. Ride Along (Enzo & Cass and the Dudleys)

9. NXT

10. Ride Along (The Club and Chris Jericho & Mark Henry)

The rebuilding phase of NXT is going to be crucial as they will have to invest in their promising younger talent. The process is long term, but with the amount of hungry talent waiting in the Performance Center, it is only a matter of time before NXT regains its glory.

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