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WWE News: Perry Saturn is weeks away from being homeless

Perry Saturn in troubled times and needs the help of his fans to overcome his struggles.

Perry Saturn will always remain in our hearts for his shenanigans with The Moppy

What’s the story?

Perry Saturn has been suffering from a traumatic brain injury for quite some time now. He has been diagnosed with dementia and sensitivity to light. He is also suffering constant headaches and experiencing heavy ‘brain fogs’ which are making him loose his sense of time. He can no longer work or even drive a car.

His medical condition needs him to take constant medical support, which includes necessary brain scans which are $2,500 a piece. These constant medical needs have left Perry Saturn with little to live with and it is reported that he is struggling to care of his most basic needs.  

In case you didn’t know...

Perry Saturn was a wrestler who made his mark in the wrestling world during 90’s and 00’s. His shenanigans with the mop entertained us to no end and it is a shame that Saturn’s wrestling career didn’t take off as many fans wanted. While he never made it to the top, he entertained us regardless.

It is a well-known fact that professional wrestling takes a toll on a wrestler’s body. And the toll the sport took on Perry Saturn was really huge. With no health insurance covering a wrestler and no obvious retirement plans for them, it no wonder that he is in the dire straights that he is in. Saturn posted a video recently seeking the help of his fans on his FB page and revealed the state he is in.   

The heart of the matter

Perry Saturn took to his Facebook page to plead help from his fans. He posted the following video and asked his fans to help him out in these troubled times by donating to him through the GoFundMe page he has created.

As you can note from the video, Perry is just weeks away from becoming homeless. The video ends right after Perry expresses his helplessness and it breaks the heart to see one of our favourites of the Attitude Era like this in his last days. 

What next?

You can help out Perry Saturn by donating what you could through his GoFundMe link. Let’s hope that the fans he once entertained by putting his body on the line will help him out in his hour of need.

Sportskeeda’s take

Perry has requested help from his fans prior to this too. It is yet unclear whether Perry’s plea has reached the ears of his fellow wrestlers who might be able to help him. Kindly, spread this article through your circle and help it reach as many people as possible. 

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