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WWE News: Pete Dunne on who he feels is the best wrestler in WWE right now, NXT UK TakeOver and more

Soumik Datta
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Pete Dunne is keen on holding the NXT UK brand
Pete Dunne is keen on holding the NXT UK brand

What's the story?

WWE United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne recently spoke with Metro regarding the first-ever WWE NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool event, who he feels is the best superstar in Pro Wrestling today and several other Pro Wrestling related topics.

In case you didn't know...

Pete Dunne first made his WWE debut back in 2017 at the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Tournament after having developed himself as one of the well-reputed independent stars on the UK scene.

Despite losing the finals of the UK Tournament, Dunne was later able to win the WWE UK Championship from his arch-rival and fellow British Strong Style stablemate Tyler Bate at Takeover: Chicago in 2017.

Dunne has held the WWE UK Championship for a total of 500 days and has successfully defended the title against some of the top stars in NXT such as the likes of Adam Cole, Ricochet, and even Johnny Gargano.

The heart of the matter

While speaking with Metro, WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne discussed a host of topics and below are the highlights from his interview:

His thoughts on the first ever WWE NXT UK TakeOver, which takes place in Blackpool next year:

According to Pete Dunne, the first ever NXT UK TakeOver event is certainly going to be a huge moment for him and his close friend and fellow WWE UK star, Tyler Bate, due to the fact that it takes place in a city where both Dunne and Bate first broke into the WWE scene.

Dunne noted that at the show he and Bate will be taking some time to reflect on how far the two have come since making their WWE debut and also added that the audience in Blackpool is really lively and most importantly, the show is going to be live. (H/T: Wrestling Inc)

"For me and Tyler Bate especially it's really special, it's where we first broke in at WWE and where we made that name for ourselves initially. Our lives changed overnight and over the past few years I haven't had a single second to reflect on that because it's been one thing to the next.

He continued, saying

At the show, myself and Tyler are going to take a moment to enjoy just how far we've really come over the last two years and how much has happened. For the brand it's brilliant, and it's the perfect venue.

He then praised the audience

The audience there are really lively and most importantly it's live. That makes such a huge difference. Doing episodic TV, you get a lot of exposure, but TakeOver is a completely different animal. It'll help this brand grow tenfold."

Who he feels is the best WWE competitor right now:

'The Bruiserweight' claims that as far as the UK brand is concerned, Tyler Bate is by far the standard bearer of the division and his recent in-ring performances speak for themselves. Dunne stated that Bate is certainly a step above everyone else and the latter's in-ring performances really make 'The Bruiserweight' want to get in the ring.

"On our brand, my standard is always Tyler. It might be obvious, but the performances he put in were unreal in Liverpool recently and he was a step above everyone else. It's something for everyone else to chase and that's a good thing. NXT is built on competition and the feel of the matches are competitive, but in the back it's the same. I see Tyler pull out a great performance and it really makes me want to get in the ring

However, in the whole of WWE, Dunne claims that there is no one better than 2-time WWE Champion, AJ Styles, who has rightfully earned his spot at the top. Dunne further added that he would also like to share the ring with 'The Phenomenal One' at some point down the line.

In the whole of WWE, it's got to be AJ Styles. He's absolutely been killing it for so many years, and now he's in a top spot and rightfully so. I'd love to get in the ring with him some day."

If he would like to enter the 2019 Royal Rumble match:

Dunne stated that he would absolutely love to compete in the Royal Rumble match next year and appearing on Monday Night Raw is also something that he would be ecstatic about.

"I'd love to be in it but it's really not my focal point. Like getting to appear on Raw, if I get the call then I'll be ecstatic about it, but it's not something I let get into my head before."

However, as of right now, Dunne's main focus is to build the NXT UK brand and to hold the foundation of it. Dunne further added that in 10 years time he wants people to say that every single title match that he has had holds top quality, as he looks forward to build his career and name bit by bit.

From my side, my focus is on building the NXT UK foundation and I want it to hold up. In ten years time I want people to say that every single title match I had holds up, and they're all top quality. Bit by bit I want to build up my name and my career and create a legacy of title matches to look back on. But if I get the call, that's great, but I'm patient and there's no rush."

What's next?

Pete Dunne is currently coming fresh off a win at TakeOver: WarGames and also successfully defended his WWE UK Title against Jordan Devlin on this week's episode of NXT UK. Dunne is also likely to defend his title at TakeOver: Blackpool.