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WWE Rumors: Plans for Erick Rowan upon return

What should we expect from the imminent return?

What does the WWE have in store for Big Red?

What’s the story?

We had reported earlier about how Erick Rowan is back at the Performance Center training for his in-ring return. The Wyatt Family member had suffered a torn rotator cuff last year and is all set to return to the ring.

According to AllWrestlingNews, Rowan will most likely rejoin Bray Wyatt as part of the cult stable. The return could also happen at Elimination Chamber. However, it’s highly unlikely and WWE may just hold it off until Orton and Wyatt eventually split and begin the build up for their WrestleMania match.

In case you didn’t know....

Rowan sustained the torn rotator cuff in his shoulder some time back in September last year and underwent surgery in October. During his time off, Luke Harper turned face by turning on his long-time mentor Bray Wyatt. 

Randy Orton joined the ranks and has seemingly seen his stock rise as he won the Royal Rumble and now has a guaranteed WrestleMania title match in his kitty.

The heart of the matter

Rowan has been posting cryptic teasers of his return ever since he was forced to sit out due to the injury. There was a time when he teased the arrival of Sister Abigail in one of his ambiguous Twitter videos.

In any case, he’s cleared and training to return and it is expected to happen before WrestleMania. With Orton being rumoured to face Wyatt and Harper breaking free from the Buzzard hypnosis, Rowan could be what Bray needs at his moment. Wyatt needs the muscle and Rowan is the answer.

What’s next?

As mentioned above, there is a chance that Rowan returns at Elimination Chamber to either help Bray win the WWE Championship or to help Randy Orton prevail against Luke Harper. The latter option sounds more feasible as WWE would not want to overcomplicate the title match with a rushed return booking.

He could even come back on an episode of SmackDown live, precisely when Orton snaps and looks to attack Bray. The lights go off and Rowan appears to save his leader. There are many possibilities and all we can do it to wait and watch.

Sportskeeda’s take

Erick Rowan’s return will only help to give an extra edge to the storyline between the Wyatts and Harper. He could end up facing Luke Harper in the coming weeks to solidify Harper’s face turn and split.

Rowan is a talented big man, and there was once a time (Survivor Series 2014) when he was quite over and booked to look strong. But those times have passed and all he can boast of being on the losing end of the shortest match in WWE history against The Rock at WrestleMania 32.

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