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WWE News: Possible plans for Rusev at Hell in a Cell

11.13K   //    16 Sep 2017, 02:57 IST

What's next?

What's the story?

The Bulgarian Brute crushed his way through the WWE Universe alongside his Ravishing wife Lana. Now the two have been disbanded and Rusev is looking to make a name for himself on his own.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports what WWE might have in store for Rusev next.

In case you didn't know....

When Rusev was first teasing his WWE return from injury he made several online messages alluding to the fact he was only going to come back to WWE in order to get a title shot. He even threatened Shane McMahon after he was apparently ignored.

When this story was first developing the rumor going around was WWE decided to place the top prize on SmackDown Live around Jinder Mahal's waist instead. It was also rumored Rusev would be feuding with Shane McMahon but those plans were obviously switched to Kevin Owens.

Rusev did eventually come back but it would result in loss after loss. He failed to win a flag match against John Cena at Battleground and then fell to Randy Orton at SummerSlam.

The heart of the matter

It appears one loss against Randy Orton won't stop Rusev from trying again. He got in The Viper's way a couple of times since The Biggest Party Of The Summer which led some fans to believe the two would be scrapping again soon.

But in a recent promo, Rusev changed his tune slightly. Instead of mentioning Orton's name explicitly, Handsome Rusev just said he was going to take out "a legend."

Randy Orton was once known as The Legend Killer, and he very well might have made the transition into legendary status. But it's still a bit vague at this point.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted WWE's initial plans were to have Rusev battle Randy Orton at Hell In A Cell.

Although nothing has been plainly spoken regarding this rumored matchup, with the next SmackDown Live pay-per-view not happening until October it's likely they'll still have plenty of chances to put the wheels in motion to make it happen.

What's next?

Rusev has a great career ahead of him. He also has the plausible chance of eventually becoming a babyface judging by the glimpses of his true personality fans see on Total Divas.

Author's take

I've been a fan of Rusev even when he didn't speak English and let Lana do all the talking for him. It's odd how he's grown on people as time marched on.

It would be wise for WWE to do something in the line of letting him win in order to solidify Rusev as a viable force to be reckoned with.

After all, they need strong babyfaces but without someone who can believably defeat them it's kind of a waste of time.

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