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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Possible reason why WWE changed Ruby Riott's name

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The Riott Squad in full force

What's the story?

WWE likes to arrange things so they own the trademark for things. This helps them make sure they have the rights to use a name for merchandise, DVDs, etc. There have been plenty of instances of WWE tweaking someone's name so they can lay claim to a spelling or idea. Ruby Riott recently experienced a little bit of a name change which was rather odd because WWE just added an extra "t" to her name. But it turns out WWE might have done this for a two-fold reason.

In case you didn't know

If you own a copyright to something then you have the exclusive right to use an idea as the originator to print, publish, promote, perform, market, film, record, and distribute a said idea.

If WWE owns the copyright on something not only can they make sure that only they can use the name, gimmick, or event in question but they can also make sure if someone leaves the company that they can't take the name with them.

The heart of the matter

WWE has a lot of copyrights. They filed for a copyright on Ruby Riot's name (with one "t") on April 4th, 2017 but the status of the copyright is listed as "responded still unresolved" which means there could be some pushback to securing the copyright.

Even though the copyright was pending, WWE used the name anyway and even released Ruby Riot in video game format in the most recent WWE 2K18 game as a downloadable character. But with the emergence of the three NXT starts to the Blue Brand, and a stable being named after the woman formally known as Heidi Lovelace, WWE probably needed something a little bit more secure when it came to a copyright to lay claim to.

The fact is "Riot Squad" spelt with one "t" would probably be a very difficult thing to trademark as well, hence to slight name alteration.

What's next?

WWE will keep doing their thing and make sure it's done the legal way by owning everything they promote. It's just smart business in the end, and you can't talk about sports entertainment without including the word business.

Author's take

Whether or not Ruby Riott has one, two, or three "t's" on her name is beside the point. She's still a great worker with plenty to do in the ring.

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