WWE News: Pressure mounts on WWE to cancel Crown Jewel from US Senators

Crown Jewel
Crown Jewel
Daniel Wood

What's the story?

We reported that WWE held a meeting to discuss what to do with their Crown Jewel show in the wake of the Saudi Arabian rendition and assassination controversy, with WWE decided to go ahead with the show. However the company is now facing pressure from several United States senators to pull the event.

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In case you didn't know...

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappeared after visiting the Saudi Consulate in Turkey and a huge story has erupted amid claims that Saudi Arabia orchestrated the visit in order assassinate Khashoggi.

This has led several businesses to cut ties with Saudi Arabia, with Richard Branson notably walking away from a $1 billion dollar deal to fund his Virgin Space programme. But this ongoing saga is vastly becoming a huge headache for WWE with the company scouting for backup locations, several wrestlers complaining about the visit and WWE's sponsors and upcoming TV deal stakeholders looking on with concern.

The heart of the matter

Sports Illustrated reports that several United States Senators have urged WWE to reconsider going forward with the show, given the extraordinary circumstances surrounding this event and the political complications it causes for the likes of Linda McMahon and Glenn 'Kane' Jacobs.

“Private enterprise is private enterprise, different than a governmental entity, but because [Linda McMahon] is part of the president’s cabinet, it falls into the grey area where the administration really should give it some thought and maybe even prevail upon them not doing it.” - New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez
“I’d hope that they would be rethinking their relationship with the kingdom especially with respect to events coming up in the next weeks like [Crown Jewel],” Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy

What's next?

As of this writing the WWE is still going ahead with the Crown Jewel show, but we'll bring you more updates as and when they happen!

Do you think WWE should go ahead with Crown Jewel? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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