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WWE News: R-Truth shoots music video for his latest song 'Back against the wall'

What's Up with R-Truth's latest song?

R-Truth is at it again with a new song

What’s the Story?

WWE Superstar R-Truth is continuing his musical endeavours and is working on a music video for his latest song, “Back Against The Wall.”

The song is scheduled for release on February 24, 2017, and is a collaborative rap song with LAROO THA HARD HITTA RTK. Both R-Truth and LAROO took to twitter to talk about working on the music video on Monday.

In case you didn’t know...

While R-Truth is more known for his time as a wrestler in both WWE and TNA, he has been making music for 14 years. His first album was made under his previous name and was entitled K-Krush: Invincible. He made his debut as K-Krush in 2000 and was paired up with Road Dogg Jesse James.

R-Truth has made several raps songs since then and even did the music for his current and previous theme song, “Time to Get Crunk.” He also released an album last year entitled “Killingit” that was released on April 1, 2016, and a single titled “I Be Like”, later in the year in June.

His YouTube Channel has several of his songs on it, in addition to some videos involving his family life. R-Truth’s biggest video to date was the track titled “For Little Jimmy.”

The heart of the matter

R-Truth’s rap career is more of a hobby than anything else, but he seems to put a lot of effort into it. His music videos tend to have good production so the same could be expected for his latest song. The few responses from his twitter feed seem to encourage his efforts, so his single will probably do well enough.

What’s Next?

The song’s release isn’t scheduled until a week from now, so if anyone is interested in viewing it they will have to wait until then or preorder it now. This will mark his first song of 2017, so hopefully, he does well with it.

Sportskeeda’s take

It may be an unfortunate truth, but wrestlers delving into music never tends to work out. From MVP to Macho Man Randy Savage, there are a lot more failed stints in the music industry than there are successes.

His music on iTunes doesn’t seem to have that many people interested in it currently, but that may change if he promotes it whenever he returns to television. 

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