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WWE News: Randy Orton has altercation with fan at gym for taking his photo

The Viper also responded to the situation on Twitter!

The photo that got die-hard fan Anthony Martin in a lot of trouble

What’s the story?

Randy Orton had a fan approach him to take his picture, which happened to infuriate him, as you can see in the picture above. Local business professional Anthony Martin stated that he was with friends at The Trim Gym when Martin spotted Orton.

According to a report from NEA Report, Martin had asked if it was okay for him to take a picture of Orton, but the wrestler only gave the guy a fist bump and pointed to his headphones stating that he couldn’t hear him. 

Martin then walked away from Orton and took the photo of him from across the room, which caused Randy to get upset. Anthony Martin had this to say:

He saw me snap the picture and came up to me, got in my face and said, ‘What the f**k are you doing? I said no ***damn pictures! Are you f***ing stupid? I said, ‘No. You said you couldn’t hear me.

A friend of Anthony, who was also there at the gym had this to say:

Randy came over to Anthony, grabbed his hand and was belittling Anthony and pretty much was saying m’fer this, m’fer that.

In case you didn’t know...

According to the report, Anthony Martin is a business professional in Jonesboro, Arkansas, who is also active in local politics and is an assistant branch manager at a bank. He is normally upbeat and is always sporting a smile. 

The heart of the matter:

Martin was not aware that he was allowed to take the photo. Martin continued to describe the situation that took place afterwards:

Still in my face, I said no disrespect. If you want, I can delete it. He said, Yeah. F***ing delete it! I said, okay, seriously, no disrespect. He later said to my friends, f***k it, Keep the f***ing picture. Enjoy your workout.

What’s next?

Randy Orton responded to the situation on his twitter. Below are his tweets:

Sportskeeda’s take

When a celebrity appears anywhere, the first thing that you want to do is pull out your phone and snap a photo. However, imagine doing that to a regular person. That person would not allow you to snap a photo of them, let alone a celebrity like Randy Orton.

Randy has been known to lose his cool from time to time, even going so far as calling a woman a ‘Latino Miss Piggy.’ He is not someone you would want to interrupt or bother when standing next to him. 

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