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WWE News: Randy Orton labels US Presidential Elections 'a clown show'

Randy Orton shared his thoughts about the US Presidential elections.

Randy orton
Randy Orton feels worried for his grandkids seeing all the protest etc

During his recent appearance on the Heated Conversations podcast hosted by WWE Legend Boker T, the former 12-time world champion Randy Orton talked about the current state of America, the upcoming presidential elections and more. Below are some of the highlights from the interview:

On the topic of America, the former World Champion said that sometimes he is forced to put his phone away reading about all the shootings and protests, etc. Although he quickly added that he still believes USA to be the greatest country on earth. He said:

"With all the news accounts and everything I follow on Social Media, I see a lot of stuff. Sometimes I’ll be reading through this stuff and have to put my phone away seeing what’s going on. It’s scary man, it really is scary and with all the protesting, the fires, everything that is going on I still believe this is the greatest country on earth. This is the greatest place to live.”

After the unfortunate Charlotte shooting incident, protests have taken America by storm and people all over the country have again started talking about racial inequality. Orton also commented on this topic and said that while many protesters are down there for right reason it also gives some people the excuse to protest for wrong reasons:

“With the protests, they’re down there for the right reasons. There are people down there who really are down there to protest for the issue. But with that, it gives people the excuse to go down there for the wrong reasons.”

Speaking about the media nowadays the WWE star said that it's hard to find what is true by giving the example of both the presidential candidates:

“I pay attention to what’s going on everywhere, like I follow news sites and things like that. But when you look at the media today, even if you look at all of it, trying to find what’s true. You don’t know what Trump is saying is from his heart and if it’s real or what Hillary is saying is from her heart and if it’s real. It’s hard to decipher everything going on, what to even believe about anything.”

Continuing on the topic of the upcoming elections between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the former 12-time World Champion gave words to what many people outside of the US must be thinking about the Presidential elections and described it as a clown show:

 “I mean, this is a clown show. This election man, it’s hard. You get what they are saying what they will give you but you don’t know. You don’t know what you’re going to get and it’s scary.”

Along with this, Randy Orton also talked about his recent tweets, slavery and much more.

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