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WWE News: Randy Orton takes a shot at CM Punk when asked if he would ever compete in the UFC

The Viper answers an interesting question in the most hilarious way possible

Orton took to twitter to jab a former colleague and make fun of himself

For the past few months, there seems to have been some back and forth between the WWE and UFC(in a sense). First, Conor McGregor took several jabs at the WWE, using derogatory remarks towards the superstars and the organization, only praising Vince McMahon and Triple H(terming them as “Dons”).

Recently, another back and forth started between Pro Wrestling and MMA fans since CM Punk came in with no prior experience and ended up getting mauled in the octagon as expected.

Brock Lesnar is one man who walks that thin line, however, having competed in both organizations and having excelled in both. Lesnar’s last match was against Randy Orton, which ended in a pool of The Viper’s blood. This just ended up proving the freakish nature of The Beast Incarnate. 

Orton was asked on twitter as to whether he’d ever compete in the UFC. Orton seemed to take a jab at CM Punk while also making fun of himself

It is still unclear whether he was taking a jab at Punk or not, but one this for sure is that he had no qualms making fun of himself.

Sometimes, the tensions between the pro wrestling and MMA fan base seem pointless, as it is well known that UFC stars such as Ronda Rousey, Daniel Cormier, Demetrious Johnson,etc. are all huge fans of pro wrestling, and similarly, many pro wrestlers are huge MMA fans.

Ultimately, they are two entirely different forms of combat and athletics. That for some reason tends to form a huge line between them and cause hatred among several fans. Ken Shamrock and Batista are two known examples of transitioning between the two.

Shamrock, of course, created a huge legacy and is considered as one of the pioneers of MMA, having been one of the earliest original competitors of the UFC. Batista had one professional fight, in an organization named  Classic Entertainment and Sports(CES). 

He won his first bout, and then hung up his boots, having seemingly have been able to achieve one of his goals. 

Thing is, both are no easy tasks. While WWE may be predetermined, the schedules that the talents have is beyond hectic, and it requires them to put the company first, then family.

UFC, even if a fighter only fights 2-3 times a year, has to go through immense training, and even more physical pain in the Octagon. 

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