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WWE News: Randy Orton Shows Off Back Wounds From Battleground

If you had the kind of welts on your back like Orton got last night, you
If you had the kind of welts on your back like Orton got last night, you'd wear a shirt, too
Modified 24 Jul 2017

What's the story?

Regardless of what you thought of the quality of the Punjabi Prison match between Randy Orton and WWE Champion Jinder Mahal last night (and judging by the reactions on Twitter, "quality" isn't exactly the word fans used to describe it), it was certainly hard hitting.

For proof, look no further than Orton's Instagram page, where the Viper showed off his back wounds following the match.

In case you didn't know...

Aside from the cage itself - two cages, actually, both made of "steel reinforced bamboo" - the participants in the match had access to all the standard weapons found at ringside.

These included steel chairs, tables, and kendo sticks. Mahal got hold of one of the canes and really let Orton have it.

The heart of the matter

Orton may not have walked out of the Punjabi Prison with the WWE Championship, but he certainly came away with some souvenirs. Mahal's cane attacks left some serious welts all over Orton's upper left back and shoulder blade.

Fortunately, it doesn't look like there's any lasting damage to The Viper, in the words of cliched sports announcers everywhere, that had to hurt.


What's next?

It looks like Orton's chances of regaining his WWE Championship from Mahal are done for the moment.

We'll see how he reacts - and how his wounds have healed - on this Tuesday's Smackdown Live!

Author's take

As much as I thought last night's main event was hot garbage, it was mostly due - in my opinion - to the Punjabi Prison itself. Both Orton and Mahal did the best they could with what they were given and if this had been, say, a Hell In a Cell match instead, it would have been more entertaining.

After the beating Orton took, I hope he's given the chance to work a more interesting - and less kendo stick-filled - program.

Published 24 Jul 2017, 23:31 IST
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