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WWE News: Real reason why Randy Orton didn't compete at Backlash revealed

There is more to Orton's condition than just a "leg injury"

Is WWE shying away from the fact that Orton suffered a concussion at the hands of Lesnar at SummerSlam?

Randy Orton hasn’t been the same ever since his match with “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. “The Viper” suffered a serious injury to his head that required 10 staples to close. 

But the reality could not be more different. As noted earlier, Randy was pulled out of his match at Backlash. The reason was not disclosed but many speculated that it was an injury. WWE had not issued any statement on Orton’s condition but it was believed that it was a concussion-related issue stemming from the deep gash on his head that he had sustained during SummerSlam. 

If latest reports from Pro Wrestling Sheet are to be believed, Orton was barred from competing in Backlash because he suffered a concussion during his SummerSlam bout with Brock Lesnar. When the initial tests were taken, Randy was good to go but apparently, he did not pass the impact test due to which he was not cleared to compete in the blue brand’s first exclusive pay per view.

WWE has been very cautious with concussion-related issues, and with all the lawsuits coming their way, it seems that WWE did not want to risk negative publicity in Orton’s case.

However, they did a backstage angle with Bray Wyatt and Randy. Wyatt attacked Orton’s leg in the locker room area. The cameras picked up the action from a scene where Orton was already on the ground, which meant that he did not have to take an unnecessary bump that would further aggravate his condition. 

Bray Wyatt later came out for his match with Orton but the ring announcer declared that Orton would not be able to compete “due to injury.” Wyatt then demanded the referee to count to 10 so he could get a forfeit win. After the count, Wyatt was declared as the winner via forfeit.

However, Bray Wyatt was then pitted in a No Holds Barred match with Kane. This came as a surprise to few as Kane was Orton’s substitute at a house show in Raliegh on Saturday. Towards the end of the match, however, Orton gradually limped towards the ring and Bray Wyatt was caught between Orton and Kane.

“The Viper” struck Wyatt with an RKO which was followed by a chokeslam from Kane and the subsequent win for the Big Red Machine. It is very much clear that the clash between Wyatt and Orton was merely delayed and the rivalry is far from over.

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