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WWE News: Real fight almost broke out involving The New Day; company chose not to air angry interview

Danny Hart
Published Jan 06, 2020
Jan 06, 2020 IST

The New Day faced The League of Nations in 2016
The New Day faced The League of Nations in 2016

Xavier Woods revealed on the latest episode of The New Day’s Feel The Power podcast that a legitimate fight almost broke out between themselves and The League of Nations at WrestleMania 32.

The match saw Alberto Del Rio, Rusev & Sheamus (w/Wade Barrett) defeat Woods, Kofi Kingston & Big E in a six-man tag team encounter, but it is best remembered for The New Day’s cereal box entrance and the post-match segment involving Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin.

Big E said he views WrestleMania 32 as his worst ‘Mania as a WWE Superstar, while Woods mentioned that he was “on another-level mad” after arguments with their opponents.

“This was my first time being in an advertised match at WrestleMania and it just completely fell apart at no fault of our own, so I was on another-level mad, because it shouldn’t have been like that. There shouldn’t have been arguments, there shouldn’t have almost been a fight, so I’m on like another level of heated.”

Why did The New Day have issues with The League of Nations?

Expanding on why The New Day had problems with the match, Kofi Kingston said that while his team always looks out for each other, he felt that The League of Nations – which was essentially a makeshift group of four singles Superstars – were more focused on making themselves look good as individuals, as opposed to their team.

“Did they [WWE] air what we said? I feel like they didn’t air the grievance that we had with the match. In a lot of ways that dynamic, where it was like the two polar opposites, right? Because we are three guys who are always totally for the group – the better that one of us is, the better that all of us is – and them, it was more the mentality of, ‘I don’t want to be here, I’m in this for myself, how can I [help myself]?’”

The New Day featured in the ‘WWE 24’ documentary about WrestleMania 32, but WWE mostly showed footage of the three men speaking positively about their segment with the Hall of Famers at the event, which you can see below.

The only hint of frustration could be seen in a 10-second post-match interview – a screenshot is used as the main picture in this article – where Big E and Xavier Woods were clearly disinterested when Kingston spoke about the fans’ reaction to them at WrestleMania.

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