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WWE News: Real reason why Katie Nolan’s ESPN debut with the Miz was cut short

Elliott Binks
1.95K   //    27 Oct 2017, 21:07 IST

The Miz made an appearance on ESPN SportsCenter recently

What’s the story?

Recent ESPN hire Katie Nolan cut short her debut on SportsCenter, following a segment involving WWE Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, in which things got pretty heated between the two.

However, it turns out that Nolan’s seemingly premature departure wasn’t so premature after all. It appears she was in fact booked for another commitment immediately following SportsCenter, hence her not appearing on the final block of the show.

In case you didn’t know…

The Miz had already caught some flak on social media after calling Nolan "sweetheart" early in the show, and tensions between the pair only escalated further before Nolan noted, “I could think of nothing I would want less than for you to be here tomorrow.”

She also posted a Tweet saying she herself didn’t want to be there, leading to many putting two and two together and assuming The Miz’s behaviour had prompted the Tweet.

The heart of the matter

It turns out it wasn't a case of Nolan storming out or anything quite as dramatic as that. As shown in the Tweet below, she was simply booked to appear on the Jalen & Jacoby show, hence why she couldn’t stick around for the rest of SportsCenter.

Plus, it seems the Tweet about not wanting to be there was a tongue in cheek reference to comments from Eric Bledsoe of the Phoneix Suns who’d posted the exact same thing himself on Sunday.

What's next?

Don’t expect any major repercussions here, folks. Nolan will be back on SportsCenter, while The Miz will keep doing what he does in WWE. Case closed.


Author’s take

While the Jalen & Jacoby appearance explains away Nolan’s purported disappearance, it seems that the tension between her and The Miz was just a case of two different worlds colliding, with the latter remaining in character while the former wasn’t expecting it.

Besides, Nolan herself has since played down the supposed spat with The Miz, praising the way presenter Michelle Beadle handled the whole thing whilst acknowledging The Miz was simply playing the heel.

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