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WWE News: Reason Emmalina did not debut on Raw

Is Emmalina finally returning next week?

Emmalina was supposed to “premier” this past week on Raw

On the December 5th edition of Raw, it was advertised that Emma would make her return as Emmalina next weekIt was even promoted on their website and social media pages the day before Raw. However, she did not end up appearing on the show.

According to Cage Side Seats, WWE pushed her debut for another week so they can get through the Roadblock: End Of The Line Pay-Per-View and then reintroduce her to the Women’s Division. 

Here is a clip from December 5th advertising her return for the next week:

It makes more sense for WWE to delay her second debut after Roadblock: End Of The Line because the PPV will see the conclusion of arguably the most important Women's feud in WWE history till date: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte. In the storyline, there is no rematch clause, so the five-and-a-half month feud will finally be coming to an end.

The issue that Raw faced was that, despite having the larger female roster, the division revolved more around just two women – Sasha Banks and Charlotte. Emma has proven to be more of a natural heel over the years so that she can be a potential next challenger for Sasha Banks or even Bayley. 

Emma claimed to have been medically cleared around August. She was injured in the middle of May and was expected to be out for six months. Since the beginning of October, WWE has been airing vignettes for Emma's return as "Emmalina". It has now been over two months, and she looks to be finally making her debut after Roadblock: End Of The Line.

However, WWE did not mention that she will be debuting next week when they aired another promo package for her this past week on Raw. Check it out:

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