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WWE News: Reason behind Big Show and Mark Henry's absence from WWE TV

9.54K   //    02 Oct 2016, 14:19 IST
Time for a change

The New Era has been all about giving the opportunity to the young superstars to make a name for themselves. WWE has given its product a makeover with new champions and new storylines. They’ve gradually phased out the larger and physically dominating wrestlers in order to give the fast paced, athletic superstars more priority. 

Two of the biggest men on the WWE roster, Big Show and Mark Henry are also gradually moving away from active in ring performance into more corporate roles. They have been with the company for a long time now and it is natural that they make way for the younger stars to step in and carry the company forward.

Both Show and Henry are in their mid-40s and weigh over 400 pounds. The number of bumps they have taken over the course of their long careers is bound to take its toll on their bodies at one time or another.

However, WWE management is aware of the star power that the two former World Champions have garnered over the course of their time in WWE and are looking to put it to good use. WWE are looking to place the two men as front runners in their public relations campaigns.

Big Show and Mark Henry have not appeared on WWE television since July and August respectively. However, both of them are a regular feature at house shows and live events and are expected to continue doing that in the future. This makes it easy for WWE creative as they do not need to invest time in scripting storylines for them.

Overexposure has been a big problem that superstars like Big Show, Mark Henry and Kane have faced in the past couple of years. Many in the WWE Universe believe that these superstars have had their moments but now help in putting over newer guys on the roster. So the decision by the WWE to add Big Show and Mark Henry as the ambassadors of the company or possible producers in future will be welcome.

They can always come in and perform when they are needed to fill the card. Dean Ambrose is reported to take a break from the company soon after on the road for over two years and either Big Show or Mark Henry can take his place to put over some of the guys on the roster.

Mark Henry has already announced that he will retire from active competition after his current contract expires. He has expressed his interest in being involved with the business in some backstage role. As for Big Show, he has made cameos in movies and Hollywood would not be out of the question for him after wrestling. Whatever they decide to do, it is certain that we will be seeing a lot more of the Big Show and Mark Henry outside the ring, than inside it.

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