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WWE News: Renee Dupree reveals Chris Benoit's former tag-team partner died on the same day as him

Surprisingly, the wrestler who died had long forgotten links with Chris Benoit.

Chris Benoit
Will we ever know the complete truth behind his death?

Almost a decade has passed since the unfortunate Chris Benoit incident happened but new details over the mysterious death of the former WWE star and his family still come to light every now and then.

In a recent interview former WWE star Rene Dupree shockingly revealed that another wrestler who had links with Benoit was found dead the same day Chris allegedly died.

During his interview with Hannibal TV as seen on dailystar.co.uk, the WWE Veteran revealed that Biff Wellington who was a former Tag Team Partner of Chris was found dead on 24th June 2007. He said:

“I’d like to talk about one thing that nobody talks about, There was another body found that day, another wrestler died that day that nobody talks about and he was kin to Chris. His name was Biff Wellington. 

Continuing on the topic Dupree brought up how Benoit sent text messages to some of his friends before his death and said that he would like to know if there was any exchange of words between the two former tag team partners:

"We all know that there were text messages between different wrestlers and Chris, right? I would like to know if there was any communication between Biff Wellington and Chris. Cause that’s an eerie coincidence to me.”

Biff Wellington was a former independent wrestler who wrestled in the Canadian Independent circuit. He is mostly known for his time with NJPW and for the brief runs, he had with companies such as WCW and the original ECW.

It's notable that in 1989 Wellington won the Stampede Wrestling International Tag Team Championship along with Chris Benoit as his partner. 

The two also teamed up on screen for a while in 1992 when Biff showed up as the tag team partner of Benoit during WCW's Clash of the Champions XIX event. The two continued to occasionally team up with each other till 1994 on the shows of NJPW.

After suffering an eye injury during a match with Taz in 1996, Biff retired from active pro wrestling and although he did make several independent appearances after that he was never seen working with any major promotions afterward. 

His dead body was found on June 24th, 2007 by his parents after they broke into his house upon not hearing from him for several days. It was later disclosed that the cause of his death was a heart attack and medical examinations showed that he had been dead for a few days although the exact date of his death is not known.

On the other hand, Chris Benoit who was working for WWE since 2000 was found hanging inside his house by police on 25th July while both his wife Nancy Benoit and their son Daniel Benoit were found dead in the other parts of the house.

After an investigation, It was revealed that Benoit died sometime on 24th July, coincidentally the same day in which Biff Wellington's body was discovered.

While the police concluded that Benoit himself killed his family before taking his life due to steroid abuse and a failing marriage, the reason for his actions are still widely debated among wrestling fans and a part of this community believes that the former WWE World Champion and his family were actually murdered unlike the public knowledge that he took his own life after killing them.

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