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WWE News: Renee Young on how long she'll be with WWE

Johny Payne
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Renee Young has been plotting her next moves outside WWE
Renee Young has been plotting her next moves outside WWE

What’s the story?

On an edition of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Renee Young opened up on a myriad of topics.

Young asserted that her WWE career could end at any time, owing to which she’s been attempting to branch out and work on other projects outside the WWE.

In case you didn’t know…

Renee Young has worked as an interviewer, commentator, analyst and on-screen personality for the WWE since 2012.

Young is widely regarded as one of, if not the, best interviewers in professional wrestling/sports-entertainment today, owing to her engagement & emotiveness in her interview segments—something which has earned her considerable praise from both fans & experts alike.

The heart of the matter

Renee Young explained that acting is her passion, and the comedy genre has always been something that piques her interest. Young added that she’d love to pursue a career in comedic acting, however, given that she currently has a good job which pays really well in the WWE, she’s placed her acting aspirations on the backburner for now.

Additionally, Young elucidated that she’s a workaholic, and hates sitting around doing nothing. Young alluded that her current role in WWE doesn’t afford her too much screen-time/opportunities to display her acting skills, however, she tries to make the most of it.

Furthermore, on the topic of not knowing how much time she has left in the WWE, Young pointed out that she’d love to stick around for a while and kind of become a Mean Gene Okerlund sort of figure in the years to come—

"At a certain point, I don't know how long my role in WWE will be. I don't know what that is going to be.”

“I would like to find something ideally where I can stay with WWE for a while and do the things that I do, but also branch out and land out on some other shows and do other things…Like most people in television, I would love to have a Kelly Ripa kind of job; something up my alley, but I have some other shows that I kind of have brewing on the back burner right now so I am kind of waiting to get those executed and start working on those with another production company, so that is definitely something I am hoping to get those things happening."


What’s next?

Renee Young presently serves as an interviewer, analyst, occasional commentator and on-screen personality for the WWE’s RAW & SmackDown brands, besides also covering the WWE’s PPV events.

Author’s take

Renee Young is perhaps one of the most talented non-wrestlers to have ever graced the WWE.

Young oozes charisma and the WWE could most definitely utilize her acting talents in potential storylines in the days to come. Would you like to see Young showcase her excellent acting skills in a prominent WWE storyline? Sound off in the comments!

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