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WWE News: Renee Young reveals how Dean Ambrose won her heart

Riju Dasgupta
16.57K   //    21 Feb 2018, 19:37 IST

How did this lovely couple first get together?
How did this lovely couple first get together?

What's the story?

Dean Ambrose may not be on weekly WWE television anymore because of his injury, but his wife Renee Young is still in the thick of things. She caught up with Sam Roberts on his Podcast and discussed, among other things, how Ambrose first won her heart.

The secret to Ambrose's charm was simply the fact that he would play it cool, and rely on a mode of courtship forgotten in the 21st century. The phone call!

In case you didn't know...

It is well known that Dean Ambrose and Renee Young are a couple. Their relationship was famously used in a storyline in 2016, with The Miz. Samoa Joe also alluded to him injuring Ambrose in storyline, during an interaction with Renee Young on RAW.

Renee is your consummate professional interviewer, while Ambrose is, much like his on-screen persona suggests, a tad unconventional. What made their romance bloom and prosper, despite their differences?

The heart of the matter

Dean Ambrose is known to be a reserved kind of person, generally. So, while others in the locker room tried to get Renee's attention, the Lunatic would play it cool.

She understood that he was into her, when he used to try and strike conversations with her. And he would do so, with phone calls:

He was very subtle in his approach, kind of, but the thing that threw me off the most about him, which I don’t think a lot of people do these days, is he would call me. He would, like, call me. Yeah, man! Like, my phone would ring and he was still in my phone as ‘Dean Ambrose’ and he would call me

What's next?

Renee Young will continue to remain an integral component of WWE television, going forward. One assumes Ambrose will be knee deep in the mix, when he does return. Fans are awaiting his comeback quite impatiently.

Author's take

I loved Renee Young's interview with Sam Roberts. She is the Gene Okerlund of our generation, and I loved hearing her perspective on all things professional wrestling.

Do check it out if you haven't already, by clicking on the link in the first line.

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