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WWE News: Master of 619 opens about his wrestling career and his persona

Adithya Pai
3.79K   //    16 Jun 2016, 15:44 IST
Rey Mysterio, still the Master of 619

One superstar who is popular and adored by the kids probably more than John Cena is Rey Mysterio, Jr.  Mysterio had to break the stereotypes of wrestling business, being the smaller guy, sinking into the industries where the boss prefers bigger guys, he made an impact with his Lucha Libre skills and his attire. 

In his recent appearance at Sam Roberts’ Wrestling podcast, Rey Mysterio talked about his time with WWE. When WCW was bought by the WWE, some wrestlers left the company and some opted to work for the WWE. Mysterio was advised to stick to his WCW contract and just get paid, with promised negotiations after the expiry of his contract. Later after a few shows in Puerto Rico, he received a call from Jim Ross. 

WWE wanted him to wrestle under a mask, which he gladly obliged due to how prestigious a mask is for a Mexican wrestler. 

To stand out from others, he used to build his image around his costumes and his in-ring skills and persona. The WWE out of fear of being sued warned him not to pick ideas from any artistic works that were legally protected. The Master Of 619 believed that he had to be innovative with his performance inside the ring, given how WWE was considered as the land of giants.

He also admitted to having reservations before signing with WWE due to Vince’s preference for big guys. Last but not least, he also spoke candidly about his favorite in-ring memories he had with Eddie Guerrero. 

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