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WWE News: Rey Mysterio's son Dominic Gutierrez begins pro wrestling training today

Rey Mysterio's 19-year-old son Dominic begins his pro wrestling training today in San Diego, where his legendary wrestling family lives.

Rey Mysterio & Son Dominic Gutierrez on WWE Smackdown
Dominic Gutierrez with Rey Mysterio

What's the story? 

Dominic Gutierrez, the 19-year-son of pro wrestling legend and former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio, begin training for pro wrestling today at the Battle U Pro Wrestling School in San Diego. 

In case you didn't know...

WWE fans who watched Smackdown in the mid-2000s have actually seen Dominic in the ring before, albeit not in any official wrestling capacity.

After a bitter feud between Rey Mysterio and the late Eddie Guerrero erupted back in 2005, things quickly turned personal when “Latino Heat” revealed to the world that Dominic (who would have been about 7-years-old at the time) was not Rey's biological son, and was, in fact, his child.

Of course, this was all part of a storyline but the two would go on to battle for custody of the boy in a ladder match at that year's Summerslam pay-per-view. 

The heart of the matter

Dominic will begin his training with the help of his father, who has been in the wrestling business now for 28 years, as well as the trainers at the Battle U Pro Wrestling School in San Diego.

The school operates as a part of the Finest City Wrestling promotion, owned by Gus Parsons and Miriam Prieto. It looks like the 19-year-old football player will have all the help he needs, as Mexican wrestling legend Konnan was also on hand to help in his recent training session. 

What's next?

Pro wrestling runs in this kid's blood. Beyond his father, one of the must influential Lucha stars of all time, he is also the great nephew of Rey Mysterio Sr. and the nephew of El Hijo de Rey Mysterio and Metalika.

Given that family's numerous connections to the industry, both in Mexico and the United States, if he continues down the road with more training there's no reason he couldn't have a long, profitable career in wrestling. 

Sportskeeda's take

Mysterio knows what he's doing, and his relationship with WWE has always been solid. Even after he left, there were reports that WWE was trying to bring him back, and you have to believe that door is always open.

If Dominic spends a few years training and learning the craft, the obvious route would be through the Performance Center and an eventual spot in NXT.

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