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WWE News: Rhyno's Twitter account hacked

3.19K   //    18 Feb 2018, 15:34 IST

Rhyno was victim to a hack on Thursday
Rhyno was victim to a hack on Thursday

What's the story?

Internet hacking has become a problem in the modern era that is faced by everyone, regardless of their fame. In fact, the more famous you are, the more of a target you become to these hackers. 

The latest celebrity to fall prey to having their Twitter account hacked is WWE Superstar, Rhyno. 

Wrestling Inc has reported that Rhyno's Twitter account was hacked this past Thursday and the perpetrator changed the name and ID of the account before sending out some tweets to his some 74K followers.

In case you didn't know...

Hacking is a serious real-life problem that most stars face, and WWE performers are no exceptions. There have been some controversial hackings over the years, where the Superstar has found themselves a victim of cybercrime, be it Paige, Cesaro, Chris Jericho or even John Cena. 

The Cena hacking was memorable, as instead of posting updates or insulting messages, the hackers posted a topless photo of an old man, in 2014.

The heart of the matter

On Thursday, fans following Rhyno's Twitter Account noticed the username of the account had been changed from 'Rhyno313' to 'MrjayGG'.

The account also sent out a tweet encouraging the Raw Superstar's followers to buy bitcoins. 


All of Rhyno's Tweets were deleted after the hacking. His account still has the Twitter Verification badge and most of the 74K followers that he had. 

Unfortunately for him, after the hacker had changed his username, a WWE fan used the original username to register his own account. 

What's next?

This is not the first time, nor the last, that a celebrity's social media account will be hacked. The perpetrator of the hacking has not been identified as of yet.

Author's take

Rhyno's hacking was unfortunate, but it could have been worse. Several stars have had their privacy invaded due to such hacks. The only thing Rhyno has to be upset about is that he lost a large number of followers and his username due to the hack.

It remains an unpardonable offence, and better security measures should be put in place to prevent this from happening in the future.

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