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WWE News: Ricardo Rodriguez retires from in-ring action

He has decided to become a trainer.

News 05 May 2017, 11:59 IST
Del Rio’s personal announcer Ricardo Rodriguez

What’s the story?

Former WWE talent Ricardo Rodriguez has announced his in-ring retirement. The former WWE announcer, manager, and in-ring talent recently announced his retirement on Facebook.

In case you didn’t know...

Rodriguez was the in-ring manager and personal ring announcer of former WWE wrestler Alberto Del Rio. Rodriguez also helped Del Rio win matches by distracting his opponents. Rodriguez was released by the WWE on July 30, 2014. 

The heart of the matter

Former manager, announcer and in-ring talent, Ricardo Rodriguez recently announced via Facebook that his in-ring wrestling career was over. The post stated, “So I have decided to hang up the boots and just train/teach. I’m better at that. Anyways plus real life is getting in the way”.

While we may not know what issues Rodriguez is dealing with. His recent post has made it clear that he will not be wrestling anymore. This comes as a surprise as he is only 31 years old and is definitely fit enough to continue wrestling, so it is only safe to assume that injury is not the reason for his retirement.

However, despite his decision to go into retirement, Rodriguez has stated that he will stick to just training wrestlers. This will not be the first time that Rodriguez will be taking up the position of a trainer as he has done it before on NXT, where he coached Brodus Clay to a second place finish. He has also helped train children at the Great Khali’s academy in India.

What’s next?

As mentioned earlier and as seen in Rodriguez’s Facebook post, the former ring announcer and manager plans on training potential wrestlers. Rodriguez has a lot of experience as a trainer and has trained hundreds of students in the Great Khali’s academy and was the one-time coach of TNA wrestler Brodus Clay.

Author’s take

Rodriguez wasn’t really a fan favourite during his time in WWE, more than often fans would get annoyed and hate on the man for the antics he pulled when his client Alberto Del Rio was in the ring. That being said it is always sad seeing someone who fans have shared moments with (whether good or bad) retire from professional wrestling. However, maybe we can hope to see some of the talents he produces as a trainer in the ring in the near future.

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