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WWE News: Rob Conway talks about champions making more money in the WWE, importance of being a top guy

According to Conway, competing regularly in pay-per-views and live events helps champions earn more.

Rob Conway (centre) joined La Resistance early in his WWE career

What’s the story?

Former WWE superstar Rob Conway appeared on a recent episode of online radio show Pancakes and Powerslams where he spoke about how title holders in the WWE earn more money compared to the others and the importance of being among the top guys in the company.

In case you didn’t know…

Rob Conway started off in the WWE as part of a trio named La Resistance, which also included former WWE stars Rene Dupree and Sylvian Grenier. Even after Dupree was drafted to SmackDown, Conway and Grenier continued to work under the same team name and went on to claim the WWE Tag Team Championship on three occasions.

In mid-2005, though, La Resistance was split up and both men headed into singles competition. Rob Conway did not enjoy much success as a singles wrestler and it culminated in him being released from the WWE in May 2007. Post that, he worked with Juggalo Championship Wrestling for a while before joining the National Wrestling Alliance, of which he is still a part.

The heart of the matter

While speaking on the radio show, Conway claimed that the champions always earn more money than the rest of the WWE roster, particularly in the tag team division. The reason, according to him, was the fact that the tag team titles are defended in every live event and pay-per-view which helps the champions to earn over and above what they would normally get.

Here’s what ‘The Submissionary’ had to say:

“Absolutely [there is a difference]. When you're one of the champions, especially in a tag team. Every live event, you're gonna have the tag team title match. So if you're the tag team champions, you're gonna be at the live event, they find a spot for you on television, and generally at the pay per views.

So the pay per views and the live events are where you make a bulk of your money as well as being in video games and action figures. With a 30 to 40 person roster, you can't have everyone that's at television every week at all the live events.”

Rob Conway also emphasised on the importance of being a big name in the business as they are the ones whom the fans come to see. Although all performers on the roster are superstars, the top guys draw more people and get more merchandise sold so that is what everyone aspires to be. Conway was quoted as saying this:

“Ultimately, the people that make the most money are the ones that were obviously the ones that people came to see. They're all superstars, but there are guys that obviously sell more merchandise and put more butts in seats, and that's what everyone wants to try to accomplish. When you put their name on the marquee, you know people are gonna buy pay per views and buy tickets.”

Sportskeeda’s Take

Although the point that Rob Conway is making about tag team champions earning more money relates to what he experienced in the WWE more than a decade ago, it is unlikely that the scenario may be any different at present, too.

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